I’m not really sure how these things are supposed to go, but here is a list of people I couldn’t imagine not being on my dashboard.

abowlofpetunias | acethelight | andrewscottindeed | aziraphallus | beyondthevelvetsky | bruceandmary | comealongsherlock | float-upstream | graceinfinity | herbeautifulidiot | j-moriarty | jam-in-london | jsantanaaa | littlebabypines | lokisvagina | loudernownico| madmanwithnobox | mycroft-stole-my-nutella| mynameisgrey | otherjordan | panty-sniffer | penworthy | randomtinkfan93 | rattatatcat | schrodingers-cat-is-a-zombie | shadowterrors | theladyten | zombiesinmygarden

I probably forgot a couple people. But yeah, this is my list. <3

andrewscottindeed-deactivated20  asked:

hia - just wondered what is the worst stain you have ever received?

Hia! The worst was actually when we were hanging out with Benedict (Benny, as I call him). He accidentally spilled some of his cinnamon latte on my sleeve. I’ll tell you what though, no espresso coffee with frothed steamed milk is a match for a Shout! spray treatment and some vinegar. 

All’s well that ends well

There’s no hard feeling towards Benny either ;)