“I’m an enthusiast for people, and I don’t want them to become the enemy. I’ve seen that happen to colleagues who are disturbed the whole time, but there’s a certain degree of control you can have if you keep yourself to yourself. The kind of actors I admire move through different characters and genres. That’s the kind of actor I try to be. If you want that, you have to be circumspect about your private life.” – Andrew Scott


In loving memory of Jim Moriarty. 

I had hope (I know that is stupid), that he will be back in this episode. Like, alive. With “Did you miss me?”, it was possible… Anyway, he’s my favorite character with Sherlock, and I love him so much ! All his scenes are incredible. His apparence in The Final Problem was intense. I’m sad about the truth but, thanks to Gatiss and Moffat for this end.

And, thank you so much Andrew Scott. For what you’ve done with the character. For everything. You made us dream. You’re a f****** great actor and you’ll always be. We Owe You. <3