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Please make Andrew jealous 🙏

 He stared across the ballroom eyeing the cheerful, happy go lucky witch that always tormented him. The way she walked, the way her red eyes lit up with joy whenever something “fantastic” would happen, but most of all her smile. Her smile was like Medusa’s hair, well in terms of enchantment because Akko’s smile was way beyond those snake hair, it left him frozen in place. 

 The problem in front of eyes, however was that cause behind Akko’s smile. She was laughing at some joke the a guy said. His hand tighten around the glass he held. What did that guy say to make her laugh? More thoughts consumed over the exchange causes him to block out everything in the ballroom. He was a motherfucking Hanbridge, he needed to control himself because he wasn’t acting like one. 

 Andrew suddenly felt a hand lightly pat him on the back. He snapped out of it to see it was Diana. His green eyes stared at her confused over her gesture.

“If looks could kill, then what you’re directing your attention to would have been long gone” Diana said at she stared to where Andrew was looking. He was staring at Akko, the usual. 

“ I wouldn’t have minded that at all.” Andrew said staring off to Akko who kept listening to the guy as she kept eating food from the snack table. Seeing her with another man made his chest ache and it was becoming more painful by the second. Diana noticing his facial expression gave a small teasing smile and proceeded to carry out the conversation.

“ I recommend you don’t, trust me on that. It’s my birthday and if you have enough knowledge you would understand that not making a scene is for the best.” Diana spoke to Andrew and as she turn to head back to another group she quietly whispered to him.

“ Don’t just stand there and pout, Hanbridge. Also take into account how she is feeling.” Taking in what Diana said he payed close attention to Akko who just kept nodding her head as she listen. Something was already off, Akko is normally the one to talk. Not the other way around. Suddenly he saw Akko staring back at him for a real long time as if desperate for him to come. As the guy talking her up and was getting too close to Andrew’s liking. 

Andrew smirked and made his way to the pair. That guy was a fool  getting close to his what is his. People like the fool needed to be put in their place he thought to himself as he fixed his cuffs.

“ Akko what do you say then? I think we learned sufficient information about each other?” the guy’s voice lowered as he began approaching Akko who was just eating cake as she was listening to him. Normally she was the one to talk, but the guy didn’t give her a chance and aside from that what is there to talk to that gentleman which she was doubting as he wasn’t demonstrating any gentleman qualities as he had no clue about personal space. She hoped making eye contact with Andrew was enough to help her. He better, doesn’t he know how hard it was for her not to break out blushing like a strawberry from how red her face got.

The guy was about to place his hand on Akko’s waist, but was stopped by another hand on his wrist. Pain crept on him as the other hand’s hold was strong and menacing. Akko was looking at the floor the whole time panicking, looked up seeing if her savior was the one she tried to communicate with.

“ I believe the lady isn’t interested in you. Why don’t you drink a bit more? Maybe that way you are more interesting.” warned Andrew very dangerously as he forcefully removed the guy’s hand from being near Akko. The guy knowing Andrew’s reputation backed away not before giving Akko a glare which only worried her. Andrew took note of that and grabbed ahold of Akko’s hand.

“He won’t pull anything on you as long as I’m here. Now lady would you care to dance” he then suavely kissed Akko’s hand as he started once more into her enchanting eyes. Earning him a flustered Akko.

“Fine, fine! Let’s go!” she responded as she grabbed his hand rather roughly to pull him into the dance floor. As they were making their way to the dance floor without looking at him Akko decided to tease Andrew back.

“Don’t think I didn’t catch you looking at us for the past 15 minutes Andrew. Am I really that bewitching Lord Hanbridge?” She turned to face him as she reached their destination, and she was met with a flustered Andrew trying to say something.

I would just like to point out the following:

1. the thing garak is looking at is julian kissing not!kira

2. there is no reason to cut to a reaction shot here