I was very confused as a teenager: “I don’t know who the fuck I am, I don’t know what life’s about, I don’t know why I feel scared all the time and I feel stupid all the time and self conscious all the time…” So I tried painting and drawing. I was shit at it. I tried music. I was shit at it. I tried acting. I was shit at it. But! I enjoyed it. I had a really encouraging teacher who told me I should give it a shot. I’m a lucky one, who got someone who woke me up a bit and said, “You can do this”.


Back in the day, being a nerd meant you were an outcast. You weren’t going to get the girl. You got a wedgie and got called names. Now the nerd is a billionaire who can have sex with anyone he wants. Nerds are running the world. They finally won. It’s a cool thing. But what I think makes Spider-Man a better superhero is his compassion and his sensitivity. Being an underdog himself he wants to protect the underdog. He’s protecting a part of himself - the five-year-old boy inside that got bullied in the playground.