I’m trying to get in the habit in using other social media, because Facebook is driving me nuts >.< Blargh. Luckily, Tumblr seems like an awesome place, so here I am! 

Here’s my Bayonetta cosplay, from Bayonetta 2 (should be released in 2014!) Literally everything is handmade by me! I freakin’ love Bayonetta. Her sassy, over-the-top attitude is so fun!!

The top photo is by Anna Fischer:
t Dragoncon 2013– this was before I used fringe instead of tangly, messy obnoxious hair, and my guns were made out of craft foam instead of worbla. 

The rest of the photos are by the amazing Andrew: 

I really hope to wear Bayonetta to PAX East this year, if I can handle wearing those boots around a con >.<