Oh internet, how I missed you! Also; Update on Andrew and I

I HATE the Tumblr ap. With a passion, and I’ve been stuck with it for a few days since Eryn and I have been staying at my mother’s who didn’t have internet or cable, until today. Jussst got it done hooking it up.

Andrew and I are back together!

We never stopped loving or caring for eachother and we just needed some apart to realize what was causing us to have issues, we’ve already fixed or started to fix them all, and we miss eachother too much to stay apart anymore.

He’s staying the weekend with Eryn and I at my mother’s, because he can’t move Eryn’s crib back until Sunday. But we will soon be back in our house, and Eryn will be back in her room shortly.

I’m so happy. <3

Picture this. Andrew in a white tank top and his boxers, we’re both getting ready for bed when we hear this loud buzzing. A fly. A huge damn fly. It kept flying right above our faces so Andrew decides he’s going to kill it. For 40 minutes this guy pranced and swung and jumped and swat and cussed at this fly. His weapons of choice changed from a pillow, to a incense tray, to an alarm clock, to his phone, to a DVD. Hilarious. I was cracking up yelling “there! It’s there!” That fly was fast. Andrew was getting pissed but laughing and he said it was war and kept getting mad at me for being in his way or not swatting it when I had the chance lol. As you can see the fly was finally defeated, by none other than me. I went slow and study and waited for it to land. Priceless.