theverytiredgirl  asked:

the headcanon thing- andrew or neil or both you choose


1: sexuality headcanon - i just thought of this what if andrew agrees with nicky that matt is pretty but he would rather die than ever admit to it

2: otp - knives. also neil

3: brotp - also knives. also renee

4: notp - everyone

5: first headcanon that pops into my head - andrew doesn’t think kevin is attractive at all and when people thought he was getting with kevin there was a very, very small part of andrew that was like “i have better taste than that” and then after he got with neil that part of him was like “shit. do i tho”

6: one way in which I relate to this character - lol. i think we’re both analytical and self-aware to a point that can be limiting and keep us from trying things or hoping for things

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character - the way he talks sometimes while still medicated is. dramatique

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? neil josten’s problematic fave


1: sexuality headcanon - i feel like eventually after he’s worked through a bunch of trauma and understands his sexuality better he can understand when he finds people aesthetically attractive and is like “oh shit, is matt hot?” and andrew Does Not Answer and neil is like oh my god matt IS hot. this is like in 10 years

2: otp - andrew. also to a degree matt and dan 

3: brotp - matt! dan! allison!

4: notp - like… anyone who’s not andrew, matt, dan, or kevin?

5: first headcanon that pops into my head - neil and andrew would never in one million years send out holiday cards but neil really enjoys receiving them from all his friends’ families and he puts them on the fridge and andrew knocks them down and blames it on the cats

6: one way in which I relate to this character - dat demisexuality/trauma overlap confusion

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character - i can’t even think about his fucking bandana every time i remember it i wish i never read tfc i’m not joking

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? david wymack’s problematic fave

How Neil Asked: A Guide to Negotiating with Andrew

1. Be Brave

It’s actually quite simple, really. Andrew values courage.

“You could occasionally grow a spine,“ Andrew suggested. “I know it’s a difficult concept for someone whose kneejerk reaction is to run away at the first sign of trouble, but try it sometime. You might actually like it.” (TRK)

Specifically, he favors putting people in situations where they have to face their fears or stand up for themselves. It’s what he wants to see in his collection of lost causes. So if you want his attention, do something brave. (Not to be confused with doing something foolish)

2. Be Neil Josten

This part will probably require a name change. But if Nathaniel Wesninski can do it, so can you.

Although that might still not work because…

It helps that Andrew has a crush on Neil and finds him attractive, but Neil is also a big coward. That ties in to (1) because it provides Neil opportunities to be entertaining to Andrew. Plus, Neil isn’t afraid of Andrew, which also makes him interesting. 

3. Actually Ask Him

This is the step most people skip for some reason????? Andrew likes to have a choice. Otherwise, he’s going to say no. And if it doesn’t relate back to (1), he’ll probably still say no.

Since Neil is Neil (except when he’s Nathaniel) and he always asks, he has (2) and (3) covered by default. Below is a breakdown of each of the “I asked” scenarios for (1).

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Not Quite Kindred Spirits | Katherine and Andrew

Katherine jigged across the apartment playfully, her dogs watching her with pricked ears and tilted heads from their claimed corner of the couch. There were two vastly contrasting and equally as bold faces to Katherine, and tonight she was more than happy to embrace the slouch-chic side wholly. She didn’t go out much, and when she did it was for appointments like this; holing up in a friend’s apartment to binge on junk food and play video games – it was like she was seventeen all over again.

Planting soppy kisses atop the heads of her curious Terriers, Katherine finally fled W 13th street and began her trek across the city. The subway was Katherine’s best friend, despite the amount of daggers it endlessly put in her back. It was loud and rude, but a great place to study character; not the best to make new friends. She huddled in amongst the commuters, clutching her over-night bag – just in case – close to her chest; gaze restless upon the faceless crowd. An oddly abrasive silence seemed to consume subway trains. They were tin cans packed with strangers, sparse conversation and the hum of music from countless pairs of earphones, there was no notable noises beside the persistent rocking of the carriage, nothing you could quite put your finger on. It was almost eerie, and Katherine was grateful every time she reached her stop.

Weighing up her choices, Katherine decided to walk the couple of blocks that now lay between her and Andrew’s place. A giddy skip had developed in her step now, as if the apprehensive nerves weren’t enough, they were determined to make themselves obvious. Katherine had not known Andrew Reese long, but she already rated him as well-rounded man. Her list of close contacts within the city was lacklustre, and so she was adamant to keep herself in the good books of those she could sparingly call friends. Especially those she felt she could grow to trust, something the young woman had always struggled with, and Andrew was one of the few.

Upon reaching the foot of Andrew’s apartment block, Katherine paused; cat-like eyes scanning the buzz box; purposefully lingering. She muttered to herself irritably, rolling her eyes at her own hesitation before finally pressing her thumb against the appropriate button. It seemed to ring forever, until at the pick up tone she chimed a simple, “hey, Andrew, it’s Katherine,” and briskly let herself in to the grand lobby. Once in the climbing elevator, Katherine finally found herself at peace with her nerves; donning a sleek grin as she swanned down the corridor to apartment 150. Pause. Inhale. Knock – twice.