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Do what you want!

So last night when I was trying to get a fair share of work done, I ended up remembering that I just got a couple of Bluetooth headphones and spent a nice hour or so just having a dance party on my desk while blasting some weird ass Chinese Disco through my new device. Near the end of that, I figured, hey let’s turn on the party God Andrew WK and get freaky, except instead of Andrew WK’s music, I somehow turned on an interview he did with about party hard philosophy.

Now obviously, I was annoyed because I wanted to be blasting Ready To Die while headbanging and breaking everything in sight, and that annoyance turned into a straight up anger when my phone crashed and instead of intense music and screaming, I’m hearing some watchmojo announcer talk to me about something I don’t give a shit about, but hey I sat down and then listened to that interview and I couldn’t be more happy that I did. In fact, what was said in this interview was so insightful i’d say I enjoyed it more than the song i wanted!

The part in particular that I found so interesting was when Andrew was asked about Party Hard as a life philosophy, and it’s not to say the rest of the interview sucked, but it was his response that I think is so great. This is what he said:

“Someone can choose to make party hard a way of life. I like to think of partying as doing what you want to do all the time because normally, what I was taught, you’re supposed to do a bunch of stuff you don’t like to do maybe during the week, and then that’s done , you’ve earned the right to have one night or two nights of fun . That just seems completely convoluted to me. That seems like someone tricking us telling us that the way the world works is you don’t get to do what you like.

How about we do exactly what we like all the time with the understanding that, in fact, that’s how we’ll be most successful anyway, because the amount of work it takes to be successful requires a lot of motivation and you usually only get your motivation when you’re doing something you really like to do, so why not just do that all the time and then you don’t have to set aside time to celebrate or have fun, you’re having it all the time.

So to me, partying and partying hard is doing what you love to do every day and that is what life should be. So, it is possible, it is absolutely possible to party Three Sixty Five, Twenty Four, Seven!”

I really love this response because I have met so many people out there who spend their entire lives doing things they hate and never anything that they want to do. It was actually in high school where, for my church, I would home teach a guy in a hospice who told me his life story that went along the lines of him going to a college he never wanted to go to and studying a field he never had any interest in, marrying a woman he didn’t love and grew to hate, getting a job with a company he viewed as one of the most vile and greedy corporations he could name, trying to spend his weekends watching TV or having a little fun but his crazy wife would always piss him off, and he did this for 60 years straight until he was struck with cancer and ended up in the hospice, at that point actually praying to god that he would die so it would be all over with.

His story really scared the crap out of me as a teenager, but looking back on  it as I type this, there are many people out there that live that exact same life where every action they make is dictated by this idea of “I’ll enjoy myself when this is over”, and it’s such a foolish way of going about it because happiness is not some crazy wish, it is something we can all obtain and we all deserve!

That said, even if we can all be happy, we have to make the conscious decision to control ourselves and do what we like because at the end of the day, complacency is misery. The man I just talked about could have made his life better if he took control, but he didn’t, and as an extreme result, he ended up dying in what I’d say was probably one of the worst lives imaginable.

Now it does take a lot of will power to make a conscious decision to do what we really want, I’m not the best at this myself as I recently spent three years working 24/7 on jobs I hated that I wasn’t even getting paid for! At the end of the day, though, once you make that first step, you’ve already done more than half the work. All it takes is saying to yourself “I’m going to do what I want” and I can guarantee that you will snowball into your hopes and dreams…

…or another way you can do it is to follow Andrew WK’s advice and simply do one thing:


Andrew W.K.'s Philosophy of American Pizza

If you can embrace it as a friendly competition, I enjoy it, but if the goal is to eliminate other kinds of pizza, that’s lose-lose for everybody. The more passion, the more variety, the more competition, ultimately helps pizza all over.