Grey’s Anatomy 11x23 “Time Stops” SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE

I’m going to keep this short because for some reason I have a long ass recap, I got a little too excited with my notes! A year went by and boy some things HAVE changed, April Kepner GIRL YOU ARE BADASS what ever happened in that tour of duty definitely made you a lot more fierce! Amelia is ready to deal with ALL of her feelings, Meredith is still grieving, Jolex is on the rocks, Japril is on the rocks,nothing on the Omelia front and Catherine and Richard are on the rocks. NO HAPPY ENDINGS IN SIGHT! Anyways I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR NEXT WEEKS SEASON FINALE, I PREDICT LOTS OF SHOCKERS AND TEARS!

Here is my recap:

-First, Meredith is back at work and she’s thinking about selling the house??!

-The new interns arrive at GSMH and they get the Webber speech (Ahh season 1 good times, back when it was all sunshine and rainbows!) I love how all the attendings and residents where mumbling Webber’s speech.

-All of the doctors are making fun of the new interns or as they call them the chicks and ducklings. Arizona says “Left to their own devices they would drown” Callie continues “And take the patients down with them. God help us all”

-Edwards has some new interns under her supervision, needless to say Webber DID NOT hook her up with the good ones. Edwards teaching style is very Nazi Bailey.


-There was a huge disaster this week, a tunnel collapsed during rush hour trapping people under the rubble, A LOT of people died. Warren comes in with a live patient and a fierce April goes to treat him. There are more patients coming!

-RIchard and Catherine are looking extremely happy and they should IT’S THEIR WEDDING DAY. Bailey is Richard’s best man and Jackson is Catherine’s maid of honor. Webber tells Bailey he is recommending her for chief.

-Edwards and her intern ducklings receive a new patient, a pregnant woman named Joan she arrives with the doctor that treated her on scene his name is Andrew DeLuca he’s a surgeon ( A HOT ONE! He’s also giving a McDreamy vibe but that could just be me).

-Webber clears Grey so she can join the team that is going to the site of the disaster to treat a patient. Bailey doesn’t agree with his decision she tells him “You can’t spoil her like that” to which Webber responds “The hell I can”

-Scott the 17 year old kid that came in with Warren is crashing. The ducklings are being inappropriate with Joan so Edwards kicks them out!

-Pierce, Kepner, Grey and Shepherd arrive at the site of the disaster and it’s BAD! The patient they are treating is JOAN’S FIANCEE KEITH his car got completely crushed ans he’s trapped inside, he’s barely alive! The doctors got to him.

-Pierce, Grey, Shepherd and Kepner are checking on Keith it’s bad, he’s impaled in two places. Keith says “Pretty bad, huh” Grey responds “It’s pretty bad but I’ve seen worse” (YES SHE HAS!)

-Edwards, Robbins and Torres are working on Joan, DeLuca steps in to help as well. Joan has a fractured bone in her spine but it’s stable and her baby is fine!

-Scott is dying and to save him Hunt comes up with a plan that’s very experimental! He wants to put Scott in suspended animation it will buy him an hour or two. Jo, Karev and Warren are skeptical and Jackson is clearly opposed.

-Catherine and Richard postpone the wedding they are both needed at the hospital.

-Webber gets called to settle the dispute between Avery and Hunt. Jackson thinks Hunt’s idea is insane but Hunt believes this is Scott’s best chance. Catherine Avery says NO but Hunt tells them he only need consent from two physicians to proceed. Karev and Webber says Yes!

-Jo talks to Scott friends and they tell her the plan to save Scott is crazy, it’s still undergoing clinical trials and it HASN’T BEEN DONE ON HUMANS. Jo goes to the O.R where they are operating on Scott and she tells them what she knows. Jackson is pissed he tells Hunt “You better pray this works” Karev says “We’re doing it, we’ve done it. It’s either get on board or get out”

-Catherine and Richard are fighting over his decision to go ahead with the experimental procedure. Catherine is upset Richard doesn’t follow her orders but Richard doesn’t feel bad about giving the kid a chance.

-Grey, Shepherd, Pierce and Kepner are trying to come with a plan to save Keith but they come up empty. April says “He’s a black tag guys, We can’t do anything else for him”. They are going to cut him out and pray he makes it.

-The ducklings are babbling about dead people and Keith IN FRONT OF JOAN! She starts to panic, one of the interns screws up and worsens Joan’s spine fracture. Edwards come in and tries to keep Joan from being completely paralyzed, she asks DeLuca for help he tells her he can’t since HE’S ONLY AN INTERN! WHAT??!

-Amelia thinks they could have done more for Keith, Pierce agrees. Meredith tells them they did everything they could. Amelia is upset and she yells at Meredith “When are you okay making the call that someone no longer has any chance? How do you look around and decide that?”

-Scott has no heartbeat and they think they’ve failed but Hunts is not giving up and then we have a heartbeat. SCOTT IS ALIVE!

-Catherine is still mad at Richard and she has her mind set on handpicking the new chief herself!

-Amelia is angry and upset at Meredith for not calling her when Derek was dying. She asks Mer “Why didn’t you call me?” Meredith answers “He was too far gone”. Amelia wanted to be there, she tells Meredith “ I didn’t get to see him, I didn’t get to say goodbye”. A visibly distressed Amelia blames Meredith for not being able to say goodbye to her brother. Meredith HAS A BREAKDOWN!

-Richard doesn’t think his marriage to Catherine Avery is going to work!

-Torres, Edwards and Robbins are treating Joan, she starts to feel her arms and legs again and then the full on pain starts to kick in when she feels her contractions.

-Jackson tells Hunt he was lucky today. Japril is on the rocks, Jackson tells Hunt April is different now they aren’t on the same page anymore! Hunts advice “Give her time, it’s all you can do”’

-Jolex is also on the rocks. Jo wants to go on a tour of duty with Alex but he doesn’t want to go he has life in here and he doesn’t want to go anywhere.

-Meredith doesn’t feel a home in her house so she asks Alex if she and the kids can move in with him. He says YES (How big is this house, literally everyone lives there or has lived there!)

-Something happened with Maggie’s parents?! Arizona delivers Joan’s baby boy!

-Finally, BADASS APRIL KEPNER! She couldn’t leave Keith behind, she brings him to the hospital car an all! April says “You were right, you said if you were closer to the hospital he might have a chance, so let’s give him a chance”


you’re painting on the facts, leaving for a while
photographs and maps going out of style
cover up your tracks before you crack a smile

you’re burning it down
you’re falling apart
you’re losing your mind
damning it all
you’re giving it up

have you read this book written by the son
take a second look, you’re not the only one

burning it down
you’re falling apart
you’re losing your mind
damning it all
you’re giving it up

you cannot be confined to what you love and lend
you’re leaving it behind, making it pretend

you’re burning it down
you’re falling apart
you’re losing your mind
damning it all
you’re giving it up

you’re burning it down