A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[29] Thank You – Go Getters, 7x05

Even when they’re divided in the aftermath of the Lucille lineup horror, these two are still slayin’ the healthy relationship game. Though they’re struggling to unite their differing positions regarding The Negan Problem, as Rick sets off on a run, Michonne gives him the perfect incentive to come back in one piece.

There’s a maturity in this gesture; they put aside their differences to say goodbye properly – just in case. She doesn’t brush him off with a little peck on the cheek and a wave. She sympathizes with his position as much as she disagrees with it. She offers him the comfort of her affection and reassures him that they’re still them; she’s still with him. They’re okay. It’s their most tender kiss yet. His sweet little “Thank you” also suggests that it’s a closeness that has become uncommon in the aftermath of their trauma. It’s hope, then. Hope that they can rebuild. Exactly what rebellions are built on. Whether it’s his way or her way, they will be able to move forward.

  • Danai: She’s caught between her love for her partner, the love of her life, and who she is. She just knows in her gut and instinct and intellect that there’s always a way to fight — looking at all that we don’t have isn’t the way.

CW released the Official SNEAK PEEK clips from tonight’s episode! ~ With Alice’s first action in the Blue and Gold room with Betty & Veronica! Omg and Betty trusts Jughead enought to defend for his dad! <33

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