Shoe Care: Saphir Renovateur

I’m certainly not the first, nor, I suspect, will I be the last, to extol the virtues of the French shoe care product Saphir Renovateur. It really is something else. I recently picked up a jar of the stuff and have been slowly working my way through some of my shoes with it. 

It’s both a moisturizing agent as well as a cleaner, and for me, if you keep your shoes in pretty good shape (i.e., the type of person who brushes shoes off after each wear, diligently keeps shoe trees in all your shoes, etc.) then a spot of Renovateur every month or so is a great way to keep them looking and feeling healthy between more serious polishings and waxings.

On an additional note, I just picked up the Florsheim Royal Imperial Shell Cordovan Longwings you see here today while out thrifting. The uppers and inners are in pretty great shape–especially given their age–but they could do with a new sole. The uppers looked a little worse for wear when I brought them home, but after a little treatment with the Renovateur I’d say they look pretty great.

They’re a size 9A (though they do seem a bit larger and wider than other 9As I’ve come across), which is to say they’re too small for me. They’ll probably go up on ebay sometime in the near(ish) future as I’ve got a bunch of stuff I need to list. If you wear a 9A, and are seriously interested in a great pair of Florsheim Royal Imperial Shell Cordovan Longwings that need a resoling, then feel free to drop me a line with a price that you think would be reasonable. Please, no lowballers…


Andrew Lock Handgrade Shoes on Sale

For those who have long wanted some English handgrade shoes by Joseph Cheaney & Sons of Northampton, England, but have balked at their $500+ price tag, here’s your chance to get some under the Andrew Lock label for a lot less. The Gryffin and Beaumont models are reduced an additional $100, bringing them down to $350.

I reviewed Andrew Lock’s benchgrade double monks here, and they’ve been a real staple in my shoe rotation. I can only imagine the handgrades are even better.