Dance Dance (Minus Bass and Drums)
  • Dance Dance (Minus Bass and Drums)
  • Fall Out Boy
  • From Under the Cork Tree

Just to give people a perspective on why each band member is equally important in a band.

credit to piercethetrench for the original post

(EDIT: There’s a long silence before you hear anything because the INTRO CONSISTS OF ONLY DRUMS AND BASS.)

Fall Out Boy
  • Me:God. All the members of Fall Out Boy are fuckin' nerds. I hate every single one of them.
  • My friend:I'm so glad you finally outgrew that emo phase!!! I knew you'd come around to seeing they suck.
  • Me:what in the fuck are you talking about? I love them with all my heart. I sold my soul for their concert tickets. I have no other love.