I’d fallen in love with her in My Fair Lady on Broadway, so I’d had a crush for forever, working with her like being hit over the head with a big Valentine’s Day card every day but when we did meet on The Sound of Music she had just had a child, so I had to stay arm’s length—what am I talking about?—full length away from her, but it was sort of like an awful tease. I couln’t do anything. (x)

We should have ended up together… We should have had a huge smashing affair. But there was no time because she had her children with her, which was most inconvenient, I thought. (x)

Christopher Plummer on Julie Andrews

The most trouble she ever gets in is she’ll climb out of my room in the back and climb into people’s bunks, the low bunks, and you know bus bunks are not exactly luxurious big spaces. So a lot of times I’ll wake up and someone will be crawling out of bed with Doris. She likes to sort of float around and sneak into people’s bunks but that’s about the extent of the trouble she gets into … she’s a pretty good girl.
—  Andrew McMahon on touring with his dog (x


2015 | Theatre/Opera | Necarne Equestrian Centre, Northern Ireland
Directed by Sophie Hunter

Sophie Hunter’s debut at the Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival where she directed mezzo-soprano Ruby Philogene in Phaedra was met with acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Following the production’s success, Sophie and her team plan to bring the show to Paris and to make it available on film in the future.

Cast & Creatives
Sophie HunterRuby Philogene | Andrew Staples | Kirstie Macleod 
Jack Knowles | Ulster Orchestra | Clementine Seely

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