• Spoilers btw
  • Archie Andrews is a fucking idiot 
  • Veronica is way nicer than I remember in the comics 
  • Betty Cooper is low-key crazy but that makes perfect sense 
  • Cole Sprouse is a good tv emo 
  • Alice Cooper what the fuck is your damage  
  • Cheryl “EXTRA” Blossom 
  • What happened to Chuck? 
  • When you die in the Upside-Down, you move to Riverdale 
  • The entirety of the Miss Grundy thing. Why? Where are the cops? 
  • Pedophilia? In my Archie? 
  • Also, incest? AT ALL? 
  • The Blossom-Cooper shit is straight out of Wuthering Heights and I kind of live for it? 
  • Hermione Lodge barely existed in the comics and she’s now the most fleshed out complex character here 
  • Raise your hand if your parent isn’t an asshole. 
  • Put your hand down Josie. 
  • I loved every Josie song but Sugar… how do you fuck that up? 
  • Cheryl goes to a diner: 
    • “Hey, can I get you-?” “EGGS. JASON LOVED EGGS." 
  •  Archie Andrews is Troy Bolton 
  • Jughead is a motorcycle gangster who writes like Truman Capote what fucking world do we live in 
  • Everyone’s like, "Betty and Jughead are soulmates” and I’m just sitting here thinking of the most famous American love triangle like…yeeeah. 
  • I want to read a comic strip where the Archie gang goes to this version of Riverdale and they’re just like, “jeepers we need to leave immediately”
Okay a breakdown of Riverdale Characters for my friends who don’t watch

Archie Andrews: Troy Bolton but if Troy Bolton fucked his teacher

Betty Cooper: The Girl Next Door™, Nancy Drew, and victim of awful parents

Veronica Lodge: Gay Rich Latina princess with a heart of gold

Jughead Jones: Hot Topic but sadder and homeless

Cheryl Blossom: Cheerleader stereotype who may have been involved in incest?

Kevin Keller: Hey remember when characters like Kurt from Glee were revolutionary

Josie McCoy: Slightly cranky very talented black girl who is going to change the music industry

Valerie Brown: The gentlest soul? So talented. So pure.

Melody Valentine: We know nothing about her but she’s a Pussycat so she’s probably amazing

Reggie Mantle: A jock that will hopefully get character development

Fred Andrews: The only parent on this show that isn’t FUCKING TERRIBLE

Comme Des Garçons x The Met

I’ve been such a sucker for Come Des Garçons for a long time now. I remember that my first encounter with the brand was a few years ago with it’s CDG PLAY branch. I thought their eyed hearts were pretty rad and I instantly wanted it all. At that moment, even the PLAY brand was very little known and gained power when Dover Street Market became very popular (circa 2014). At that moment, little did I know what Comme Des Garçons really stood up for nor that I’d be wearing CDG PLAY x Converse for the rest of my life.

Even if you’re someone that does not share an interest for fashion, you know what happens on the first Monday of May. Yes, I’m talking about the Met Gala and, this year the spotlight was on Rei Kawakubo founder of Comme Des Garçons. The exhibit holds Rei’s most iconic and representative items, curated by Andrew Bolton.

The red carpet was very polemical this year since no one seemed to have followed the theme, but also: could the theme have been followed?. Talking with my friends, we came to the agreement that any designer that decided to copy Rei’s perspective was doomed for failure. So, in a way, the gala was actually a success. Rihanna, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, Anna Cleveland, Sofía Sánchez de Betak and Helen Lasichanh were some of the few celebrities that decided, and were granted, to actually wear Comme Des Garçons to the gala, and they did it so well.

That’s why, I decided, that this week’s post was to honor Rei. I’m posting some of my favorite Tommy Ton’s street style Come Des Garçons pics and some of my favorite items from CDG’s last three collections.

Enjoy them, mates!.  Hope you’re all doing great!.

The First Monday in May - メットガラ ドレスをまとった美術館  



“Fashion is still considered more in the female domain than something like painting. I think that’s the reason why some people are quick to dismiss fashion as art.” - Andrew Bolton, Head Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute

“Fashion seemed frivolous and trivial to the 19th century attitudes about fine art, but it’s laden with concepts, aesthetic principals, the most refined techniques… everything we subject the criteria of art to. We’re about clothing as art works.” - Harold Koda, former Head Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute

“The inspiration behind the hair came from Victorian times when prostitutes would sell theirs for kits of hair locks, which were bought by people to give to their lovers. I used it as my signature label with locks of hair in Perspex. In the early collections, it was my own hair.”

Alexander McQueen for Time Out (London), September 24–October 1, 1997 extracted from ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ (the book).

“McQueen, as well as being a fashion designer, art-directed many photoshoots, he art-directed many films, and this film formed the backdrop to the collection Irere that told the story of a shipwreck at sea and a subsequent landfall in the Amazon. And it was peopled with characters like pirates, conquistadors, and Amazonian Indians. The film itself was shot by John Maybury and depicts a moment when a woman falls overboard in a dress that’s referred to as the “shipwreck dress.” As she’s floating down in the ocean, the strands of chiffon get tangled around her legs and arms like seaweed.”

-Andrew Bolton

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Part II


Additional images from the book Alexander McQueen:  Savage Beauty  by Andrew Bolton. So looking forward to this exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art next month.  I am so excited to see this exhibit (much like the rest of the world).  McQueen will always remain one of my favorite designers and a source of inspiration.








reasons andrew minyard is troy bolton
  • sports
  • sports at COLLEGE
  • cats
  • family issues somehow related to sports
  • lied about liking the person they like because of ????? the drama, probably
  • likes sweet things (troy likes gabriella’s mom’s brownies, andrew would choose ice cream over his own life)
  • teen angst
  • flirts with people by bringing them onto a rooftop? what kind of romantic bs
  • would drop everything and fly/drive across the country to see significant other
  • over-dramatic (andrew would sing scream, fight me)
  • significant other moves around a lot and doesn’t have a father figure worth mentioning; is cute and small 
  • ok yeah even i’m surprised at how long this list is
  • what am i doing