Whatever you do don’t think about TouchStarved!Neil

Don’t think about how Neil was hurt and hit and destroyed by his father whose touches all caused pain and his mother never touched him either unless they were asleep or she was hitting him. At his little league games the only contact he had was another body slamming into his, so he never knew positive touch.

AND THEN he meets the foxes???? and they are all so super comfortable with touching???? and none of them are really trying to hurt him????

Don’t think about Matt just ruffling Neil’s hair when he gets past Andrew or Renee in goal, or Dan hip-bumping him when she thinks he isn’t smiling enough.

Don’t think about Alison taking his hand and inspecting his nails before huffing and saying she needs to give him a manicure, or Nicky pulling him into a great big bear hug when Neil obliviously says something tragic, or Renee plucking fallen eyelashes off of his cheek and holding them up for him to make a wish because god knows this boy needs as many wishes as he can get and  AARON (even if it is just pulling Neil’s jacket around so he doesn’t look stupid for their team interview)

DEFINATELY DO NOT THINK ABOUT Andrew sliding into a seat next to him and letting their legs brush together like its nothing

Andrew pulling Neil’s neck down and letting their cheeks brush together

Andrew pushing Neil through a crowd with his hand resting at the small of Neil’s back and Neil knows how Andrew very rarely lets anyone touch him but he’s letting Neil because he trusts him like don’t think about that, do not think about that