Alright all you fanboys/fangirls. Anyone know who this is?

Here are some clues.

1. He plays french horn.

2. He is recording the second horn part for “Epiphany” on Rock Horn Projects’s debut album “Breaking Old Habits”!!!

3. He is the principal hornist of a very well known orchestra. or philharmonic.

4. He is LA based.


Here’s the official video for Falling Awake - out today!


Am I surpris’d to see thee here with her,
This strumpet Lydia? Oh so nice a girl!
From thy demeanour I can but infer
That I be quartz and she the rarest pearl!

Is’t true she’s easier to adore than I?
My baby, wantest thou of me no more
When Lydia’s warm of arm and wide of thigh?
Her smile like La Gioconda’s I deplore!

Oh nay! I rightly must my falsehood chide,
Since Lydia’s of the kind to challenge thee
Where I would slap thee down then run and hide,
So treat her right, I ask thee verily.

Take this not as a sharp sororal scold -
Thou art the cad. Against her I nought hold.