andrew's so tiny

okay but do you ever just take a moment to think about andrew minyard? he’s like five (5) feet tall. five. he’s shorter than neil. he’s tiny. but he’s one of the best exy goalkeepers out there. the ravens tried to score 150 times and andrew only missed 13.

no, listen dude, listen. the goal is really big and andrew (5 feet tall) only missed 13 points out of 150 from the best exy team. HE’S SO TINY CAN YOU IMAGINE THE TALENT INSIDE THIS SMALL FRAME HOLY SHIT i admire him so much, woah

not to be dramatic but,,, andrew is so completely in love with neil and you cannot tell me otherwise.

sometimes when i can’t sleep at night i think about this moment when neil and kevin had their interview and then riko appeared. it took three (3) people to stop andrew, who’s five (5) feet tall, from going to the stage and ripping riko apart then and there. renee had to literally lay on andrew to keep him in his seat. that boy’s amazing.