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There once was a man who had lived through the ages. He had been a builder, an artisan, a healer, a priest, a prophet, a warrior, and a sorcerer. At times he had been a slave. At others he was a tyrant. Magic fell and technology reigned, and then magic rose again, and still he persevered, ancient like the sand itself, driven through the years by his obsession for a perfect world.


Acting will never stop to amaze me…

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Would you recommend any other Andrew Smith books? I recently fell hopelessly in love with Grasshopper Jungle and don't know what else can really compare re: queer + batshit plot + incredibly touching???? halp


okay, pretty much every single Andrew Smith books rests somewhere on the scale between ‘batshit plot’ and ‘incredibly touching’, but Grasshopper Jungle is the only one with a queer protag (which is, like, MIND BLOWING TO ME, because Austin is just THE BEST). however, I would still recommend all the books of his that I’ve read, which are: 

- 100 SIDEWAYS MILES – this one is very much like GJ in terms of it being very introspective and weird, but this one doesn’t involve giant preying mantis and the end of the world. it’s about an epileptic kid called Finn and his best friend Cade, and it’s great. Finn falls in LOVE (with a girl called Julia, not Cade, sorry) and they go on a ROAD TRIP and SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE and :|: and it’s also sort of about a horse falling off a bridge. roll with it. 

- THE MARBURY LENS – this is the strange one. I think everyone assumes GJ is the strange one, what with the preying mantis apocalypse and GM corn and sperm and stuff, but that’s all pretty tame compared to this one. so. Jack is sixteen and drunk and ends up getting kidnapped and almost raped. he manages to escape but doesn’t tell anyone about it except his best friend Connor. then he goes on a trip to London and gets given a pair of glasses by a random man in a pub, and wearing the glasses throws him into an alternate universe called Marbury, where everything is terrible. it’s SO BIZARRE but really fucking good, but obviously I now have to add TRIGGER WARNINGS because essentially this is a book about PTSD and trauma, and it’s pretty heavy.

- WINGER – this is the sanest, and thus most popular, of Andrew Smith’s books. it’s about a guy called Ryan Dean who goes to boarding school, shares a room with a huge bully and is in love with his best friend Annie. it’s great, obviously, it’s Andrew Smith, but it’s not my favourite, mainly because it makes you fall head over heels for the gay kid and then kills him off. as much as I loved the rest of the book I kinda felt like that was an easy way to make everyone super sad, but it didn’t make me super sad because I saw it coming a mile off. I prefer my queers living in a menage a trois in an underground bunker after the apocalypse wipes out mankind, ya feel? (read Grasshopper Jungle.)

- THE ALEX CROW – everyone seems to think Winger is The Andrew Smith Masterpiece but, holy shit, this book. I really don’t want to spoil it, because I loved it so fucking much, so I’ll just say that it’s about a 15-year-old refugee called Ariel who lives with his adoptive family in Virginia. but, obviously, this is an Andrew Smith book, so it’s also about, like, a nineteenth century Arctic expedition and a depressed, bionic crow. so, so good. 

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Andrew Lincoln as Edgar Linton in Wuthering Heights.  

Well isn’t this exciting? Andrew Davies to write non-musical TV series of Les Mis.

In Q&A after screening Andrew Davies said his next projects are Les Mis (no singing) and a drama about Nye Bevan and the birth of the NHS

— Huw Thomas (@huwthomas)

February 1, 2016