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I haven’t drawn anything for like 5 months but I found a drawing of my favourite minyard in an old sketchbook and decided I was going to fix it. The goal is to fully colour it but knowing me it’s not going to get much further than this.

vague mentions of abuse //

There were days when Andrew felt fine. On those days, he could make it through life with little to no problems, albeit handling the small problems that did arise with the gentleness and care one would expect from Andrew. His face, though blank, felt less like a mask and more like his genuine emotions. He could talk to people, let them come near him without feeling the need to constantly reach for his armbands. He could see Neil and feel less frightened of falling. The clawing fullness in his chest felt warm, not stifling.

There were days when Andrew was not fine. Days where a door open or shut echoed loudly in his head and shot tension throughout his body. Neil always had that godawful look on his face when Andrew was Not Fine. He hated the idea of someone like Neil pitying him. Neil, covered head to toe in burns and scars, would look at him as if he were the one who needed to be saved, as if he were in any way a better person that Neil was. Andrew hated him. He would push and push and push Neil away on those days, but Neil would always be back, always be ready with quiet words. What right did he have to think he could help him? It was ridiculous.

Neil, the damn martyr. Unpredictable as he is unreal.

Though, Andrew couldn’t deny how nice it was to have someone stay with him while he allowed himself to self-destruct quietly. Neil would sit near him, never asking for anything but, “Is this okay?” or “Do you want me to leave?” His gentle tones were uncomfortable to sit through, but they got the job done. Gentleness was never a thing Andrew would get accustomed to.

And sometimes, just sometimes, Andrew would find himself talking to Neil, telling him things he thought he would never say aloud. Neil would listen, occasionally making an annoying face but otherwise not reacting. The relief was startling, but Andrew kept his words sharp and vague. He wasn’t interested in shock-value or the idea of traumatizing Neil, but it was comforting to let out some of the thoughts he usually kept schooled away.

Andrew would never have a home. He knew that. But Neil would always be home.


Jessica and I had fun watching Andrew Belle live in Seattle last night. Even managed to briefly meet him afterwards! He’s pretty much exactly what I expected: chill and humble and just as impressive in person as on his records.

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Wait, wait no. You can't just end that demon AU! where you left it!! Does Neil ever reveal himself to the other players? Would Seth still kick it in this universe? I'm going to need some more of this before I obsess over it holy shit.

(ehehe, anon, I’m sorry to torment you so. :’D I can’t offer much, but this did come to mind from your comment!!)

(continued from this universe.)

They didn’t beat the Ravens during Regionals.

They did make it to Nationals, but they didn’t make it to the semi-finals.

On the drive back from the away game, the five-to-nine score was heavy on only one. He sat in the back, rigid-backed and thin-lipped, his eyes focused on the middle distance. The Coach glanced back once or twice, possibly wondering if he should hand over alcohol now or at the end of the eight hour journey, but the rest of the bus was in a relative uproar over having made it so far in the first place.

“Next year!” Dan swore, her face twisted into fierce determination. “We came so close, we’ve already enough to rub in the media’s face. Next year, we’ll give them even more to chew on.”

“Don’t jinx it!” Matt cried.

“It’s too late, man, we’ve already screwed the pooch,” Seth shot back. “Thanks but no thanks for your pep talk, captain. We should’ve had that trophy.”

“Yeah? And since when do you care?”

“Since we almost had it, du'h.”

On the seat opposite the gloomy Kevin, Andrew had eyes only for his flip phone. He typed, Quit looking at me like that.

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