andrew you hater

youtube in 8 months

For the first time in 2 weeks, a Youtuber has commited first degree murder. This time, it was GamerPastaPie, a 5 Million Subscriber Let’s Play channel. You vaguely remember watching a Slender Playthrough of his in 2013. The day after Youtube suspends his channel, videos like “SJW Brigade accuses GamerPastaPie of MURDER!?!?! #DramaAlert #PastaPieGate” and “Why I Stand With GamerPastaPie and against Censorship” begin burrowing out from underground like rabbits. You have gotten used to this, and decide to check out the controversy on Twitter. You begin to see everyone that made a collab video with GamerPastaPie bend themselves backwards to give him a big pat on the back and fervently deny the fact the fact he killed that young man. “Keep up the good videos, Pasta, and don’t let Andrew Burgundy’s haters drag you down. :)”, a 2 hour old tweet by fellow Let’s Player and verified user SpaceRayGaming. A few days pass, Keemstar and Scarce both get a bit richer, and an apology obviously written by his PR guys pops on Twitter. Around a week later, after seeing a let’s play of Rocket League from the newly unsuspended GamerPastaPie pop up in your feed, you catch a video in the corner of your eye, “Why PervertParade23 did NOT fuck a dead goat”.  You stare aghast at your screen. The cycle begins to start anew.