andrew yap

So I read some of Nora Sakavic’s extra content and I read about the fact that Andrew and Neil get cats *quietly melts*. And then this happened. 

P.s. I warn you, this is just one of many things I will be flinging onto tumblr in the throws of AFTG/Andreil feels, usually after too many glasses o’ wine. 

p.p.s I think Andrew loves dogs, but if they become a threat to his kitty cats…

The/your/our cats

Sir Fat Cat McCatterson and King Fluffkins, two big cats with two big names. Loved, of course. But there were a few little nuances in the relationship that Neil had to get used to. Namely that the cats were ‘Neil’s cats’ if they did something Andrew didn’t want to deal with; they were ‘the’ cats when anyone asked for updates and Andrew had to speak about them; and ‘our cats’ only when they were under threat. Which they became, all at once, when the neighbour’s moved in with a terrier.

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