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Anyone reading this i just ask a simple favor. Share with me some of your favorite music. The band that saved your life. The song that makes you cry your eyes out. The music that makes you who you are. Your own band or even someone sitting in their bedroom playing an instrument and singing. Please share it with me. I love all music and want to know what everyone else likes. I want new music to listen to but i also want to meet excellent people who dig good tunes. Lately ive been big on the dead south, the have nots, Neko Case, and Andrew WK. Share with me. Music unites us all.

Party Hard
Andrew W. K.
Party Hard

Completely, utterly, and totally ridiculous, in all the best ways.  An album for which terrible and awesome are synonyms, where the brain must shut down and adrenaline levels soar.  Japandroids without the innovation and significance.  Breathless punk without the negativity.  Shameless pop without the softer restrictions.  Synthesizers.   Midi trumpets.  In three words:

Ignorance is bliss.