andrew wk

[Editor’s note: Every Wednesday, New York City’s own Andrew W.K. takes your life questions and sets you safely down the…

“When it comes to privilege, try thinking about it this way: It’s a privilege to be able to consider the ideas we’re discussing as ideas – not as true hardships you experience yourself. It’s a privilege to contemplate discrimination as an abstract concept rather than as part of your everyday existence. It’s a privilege to discuss battles and fights from a great distance, where we don’t have to wonder if our life is at risk because of the unfairness of an established system we weren’t allowed to participate in designing.”

hot damn

“Having the strength to smile, to stay close to joy, and to stay close to each other will see us through our darkest and most challenging ordeals. It’s not as easy as being glum and cold, but it’s worth the extra effort. Believing that joy is wrong is the most violent disrespect to our inherent nature as loving, pleasure seeking creatures. Let us elevate ourselves and embrace our highest and mightiest capacity for happiness. This life is our chance to unleash as much joy onto the world as we can. Let us make that joy together. Let us cheer each other up and cheer each other on. Let us party and party as hard as we can. After all, we can’t save the world in a bad mood.” - Andrew W.K.

Nobody partied harder and brought joy to others better than you babe. We’ll rage again soon.