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Ask Andrew W.K.: Should I Feel Guilty for Being White?

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“When it comes to privilege, try thinking about it this way: It’s a privilege to be able to consider the ideas we’re discussing as ideas – not as true hardships you experience yourself. It’s a privilege to contemplate discrimination as an abstract concept rather than as part of your everyday existence. It’s a privilege to discuss battles and fights from a great distance, where we don’t have to wonder if our life is at risk because of the unfairness of an established system we weren’t allowed to participate in designing.”

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We must be brave. We must be kind. We must stop feeling guilty or bad about how we naturally are, even when it doesn’t resemble the attitudes or personalities we see portrayed around us. We must allow ourselves to become ourselves from the inside out. We must resist the pressure to conform to the material world and the standardized and limited personality types it offers us. We must instead turn our attention to our own inner-world, where we can truly succeed at reaching the highest potential of our true self.

You already are the life of the party. Your life is the party and you’re always right in the middle of it, all the time. Stop trying to modify your true self to fit some prefabricated idea, and instead put all that energy into loving your own true nature. We come not only in all different shapes and sizes, but in all different textures and attitudes and dispositions. As long as you allow your natural love and kindness to lead the way, you’ll always be OK. Next time you feel shy or reserved, think of it as a great thing – just as good as being extroverted and social – it’s just a different version of the same beautiful thing: a human being. And that’s what partying is all about.

—  Andrew WK
To be humbled occasionally doesn’t mean you’re a weak person. To be weak in terms of being open-minded and open-hearted isn’t a flaw. In fact, to be too proud to have moments of being humbled, that’s more flawed than anything. it’s a way to hold onto what you are without letting it cut you off from the rest of humanity.