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I don’t think that Andrew was ever particularly evil. I think he just wanted some excitement in his life and Warren’s Trio gave him that. I also think that seeking refuge in Buffy’s household suited him more as then he was in an exciting environment without being the bad guy.

Seeing Red

I am listening to a few different podcasts. Rewatchable is still my favorite - I’m even listening to the early podcasts. They just finished As You Were.  Tiny Fences is damn good. Hellmouthy (also good) and Tiny Fences just finished Entropy.

The newbies are so happy to have Tara and Willow back together. They feel like things have really healed between the Scoobies, and it’s so nice to get away from all the pain, angst and destruction of season 6. They are so proud of Willow for kicking magic, and they know the scoobies  could never turn on one another. The nightmare that was season 6 is over - and what will they do to finish the show?

Oh, and Warren, Andrew and Jonathan are such weak villains - they aren’t a threat to the scoobs at all. Warren is awful, but he can’t hurt the scoobies.

I feel so sad for them

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i mean rapists imo can't redeem themselves. they're rapists forever

I meant like, BtVS questions and explores redemption a LOT, so within the perimeters of that show that quote makes sense b/c Buffy, despite being a slayer, spends time trying to change and rehabilitate demons, humans, vampires etc. so you have a show which is constantly taking characters who do bad things, including abuse, rape and murder (Spike, Angel/us, Warren/Andrew/Jonathan, Willow etc) and giving some of them redemption, second or third chances, or exploring the possibility of it?

In contrast you have Kendra and you have Faith, and both of them have a more… not simplistic, but less muddled? point of view when it comes to wrong and right in the beginning. Buffy’s views get complicated by her involvement with Angel, her friendship with Anya and Clem–like you see this idea of demons and vampires, who are meant to be irredeemably evil, behaving in good ways, being friends and helping save the world.  

So that quote makes sense in the context of her show, considering all of those redemption focused arcs. In real life, and in Jessica Jones this obviously doesn’t hold up and Jones has every right to kill Kilgrave and nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching that. 

So in their own ways they are right.

That’s what I meant and i probably should have done a better job explaining that.