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I haven’t drawn anything for like 5 months but I found a drawing of my favourite minyard in an old sketchbook and decided I was going to fix it. The goal is to fully colour it but knowing me it’s not going to get much further than this.

i want Andrew to be a survivor okay i want Nurse and Andrew to meet again 8'l

Post a playlist

The wonderful @naar-nachtmerrie asked me to post a playlist; no shuffling, just post a list of songs that I feel like sharing. 10 songs +/-.

So. Here’s the only playlist I have. I use it for running and it’s arranged so the bmp increases with every song. I have short legs, so imagine how fast I’m going at the end, lol.

1. Kvelertak - Ulvetid
2. Power Trip - Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)
3. Green Day - Basket Case
4. The Misfits - Attitude
5. Jay Reatard - It Ain’t Gonna Save Me
6. Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet
7. The Misfits - Last Caress
8. Ramones - Touring
9. The Boys Next Door - Somebody’s Watching
10. The Misfits - Hybrid Moments
11. The Misfits - Astro Zombies

I wonder if @diascordium, @spoonriverrat, @snackcident-prone and @theangrymunchkin have any playlists?

Leon Kuwata playlist

for anonymous 

1. Cooler Than Me  / Mike Posner

2. American Idiot / Green Day

3. Good Girls Go Bad / Cobra Starship

4. Take Me Out / Franz Ferdinard

5. Caught Like a Fly / Falling in Reverse

6. Hey Tomorrow Fuck You and Your Friend Yesterday / Mindless Self Indulgence

7. Don’t Ask Me / OK Go

8. American Beauty/American Psycho / Fall out Boy

9. Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing / Set it Off

10. Ready to Die / Andrew K.W

listen here

So I’m catching up! The lovely @kuchikigabrielasan​ tagged me to do this taggy thing about songs (thank you! this is another favorite taggy thing ❤), so here goes:

List 15 songs you’re vibing on currently, then tag some mutuals.

1. Crystalised by Haken
2. The Glass Prison by Dream Theater
3. Haunting, Haunted, Haunts by Against Me!
4. The Longest Time by Billy Joel
5. Burn MF by Five Finger Death Punch
6. Wiener Blut by Rammstein 
7. Burnin’ for You by Blue Öyster Cult
8. A Part of It by We Were Promised Jetpacks
9. Morgenstern by Rammstein
10. Attero Dominatus by Sabaton
11. G.M. Vincent and I by Comeback Kid
12. J.A.R (Jason Andrew Relva) by Green Day
13. Party Til You Puke by Andrew W.K.
14. Every Shining Time You Arrive by Sunny Day Real Estate
15. SGL by Now, Now

I tag @sturmxundxdrang@bishophazel@blackbird-with-broken-wing@elizabethaddict@tuba-ornot-tuba@maggot-zombie@arahana@smackmytup​ and everybody else who wants to do it!

Masterpost of Song Comics Part I (A-K)

*Unfortunately, due to a peculiarity of tumblr’s, a post containing too many links will not have any of them function. Thus, the masterpost has been broken into two parts.*

Organized by musician alphabetically

Last updated on 6/22/2017

See Part II here: Masterpost of Homestuck Song Comics Part II (L-Z)













Masterpost of Homestuck Song Comics Part I (L-Z)

Andrew W.K.'s Philosophy of American Pizza

If you can embrace it as a friendly competition, I enjoy it, but if the goal is to eliminate other kinds of pizza, that’s lose-lose for everybody. The more passion, the more variety, the more competition, ultimately helps pizza all over.

Random Songs/Artists Starters Pt. 1

Alan Walker

  • “Am I losing my mind?”
  • “At least we are together.”
  • “I know I’m not alone.”
  • “I’m wide awake.”
  • “Take my pain away.”

Andrew W.K.

  • “This is your judgement day.”
  • “We’ll take on anyone.“
  • "You better get ready to die/kill/run.”
  • “Your life is running out.”
  • “We live in black and white.”
  • “You’re just a parasite.”

The Bravery

  • “If I put my hands around your wrists, would you fight them?”
  • “I will show no mercy for you; you have no mercy for me.”
  • “Could you live with this?”
  • “Love me mercilessly.”

Creature Feature

  • “If there’s nothing in the darkness, then why do you like awake?”
  • “What are you afraid of?”
  • “Lock your door.”
  • “Run and hide.”
  • “It’ll be the true death of you.”
  • “But I’m warning you; there’s always a price.”
  • “The dark carnival is in town.”
  • “We appear without a sound.”
  • “We will disappear at night with blood on the concrete.”
  • “We can supply anything that your heart desires.”
  • “You’re never leaving here.”


  • “I don’t wanna be ignored.”
  • “I give a little to you/him/her.”
  • “There’s a little talent in your lies.”
  • “Don’t put a price on your health.”
  • “Don’t wait for the sun.”

Fall Out Boy

  • “Remember me for centuries.”
  • “We’ll go down in history.”
  • “The story’s all off.”
  • “I never meant for you to fix yourself.”
  • “I am the opposite of amnesia.”
  • “We’ve been here forever.”
  • “We are the poisoned youth.”
  • “I’ll keep you like an oath.”
  • “Bury me ‘til I confess.”
  • “You’ll find your way, and may death find you alive.”

Fire In The Hole!

“Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!”

01. Warm Hole - Brown Eyed Girls 💣 02. Mak It Bun Dem - Skrillex & Damian Jr Gong Marley 💣 03. Blow - Ke$ha (Cirkut Remix) 💣 04. Weapon Of Choice -Fatboy Slim 💣 05. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Synchronice Remix) 💣 06. Emperor’s New Clothing - Panic! At The Disco 💣 07. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy 💣 08. Lights Out - Mindless Self Indulgence 💣 09. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana 💣 10. Don’t Threathen Me With A Good Time - Panic! At The Disco 💣 11. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy 💣 12. We Dem Boyz - Wiz Khalifa 💣 13. Party Hard - Andrew W. K. 💣 14. How Far We’ve Come - Matchbox Twenty

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Andrew W. K.- I Get Wet