andrew w. allison

the foxes would a hundred percent be at the march yesterday

  • like imagine renee hearing about it first and immediately sending the link into the girls’ gc and they are immediately down like planning out signs and everything
  • then dan sends it to matt bc he would be hella down and he gets so excited and sends it to his gc with nicky and neil bc u know u have one that nicky made and neil like never talks in it 
  • except he actually decides to check his phone and then reads the link and gets totally into it and uses many exclamation marks and is just v v enthusiastic abt the whole thing and nicky and matt watch neil blow up the chat and are just !! he is so passionate and they are so happy
  • and so he gets happy and sends it to andrew and says we have to and then ofc andrew’s gonna go he’s whipped af
  • and so they just move the whole convo into the big foxes gc bc it’s easier to coordinate
  • and someone checks and they have a game that friday before but it’s okay bc it’s a home game and then they’ll drive to columbia that night
  • and so after they all take the team bus and go and wymack and abby and bee are also there bc abby found out the march and told wymack so duh they went to and andrew told bee and said she should come 
  • and so they all take the team bus and stay at the columbia house and it’s super packed and aaron is even there bc renee told katelyn and she made him go and everyone is excited
  • and before the game they all made signs and matt and renee knit the pussy hats and everyone wears them and they get ready to go to the march in columbia and they’re all super excited by it
  • and during the day the end up walking miles and miles their throats are sore by the end bc they’ve been chanting so hard
  • and some fans see them half way through and go up and ask to take pics with them and they say hell yeah they do
  • and at a certain point neil pulls andrew out of the crowd because there are so many people around him yelling and pushing near and neil saw the quiet, barely there panic, and pulls them out with a nod to renee and after they calm down with a cigarette a few blocks away he texts matt and asks them were they are so they can go and meet back up with them
  • and they don’t ask any questions and just welcome them back in
  • and after the march they’re all tired covered in face paint and they’re beaming bc they feel a part of something they same way it feels when you’re with your team against the world
  • and the next game they have all of their fans wear pussy hats too