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Hey Tumblr! 

Here’s a compilation I threw together of all my voice lines for Wong in Marvel Avengers Academy! 

As an Asian American voice actor, it was an honor to voice a character that is of the same descent as I am. Feelin’ that Asian pride, y’know? Haha. Also, this was my first official Marvel VO gig and I’m still over the moon about it!

Fun fact: The character of Wong has also been voiced by George Takei and Paul Nakauchi. AKA Sulu and Hanzo (Overwatch). HANZO. I SHARE A CHARACTER WITH ONE OF MY MAINS. Like. Dude. xD

Hope you enjoy and also check it out on my YT channel!


The Douchebag Robot collection - part 3

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Pharma Joestar by Golby II
Skid Mark by ???
White Trash Cyclonus by ???
Vogue Vos by Alex Milne
Fratlord Ambulon by Brendan Cahill
Brodome by Josh Burcham
Bring da Painstorm by @rinpin
Rat Shit by Andrew Griffith


I’m all about geometry and love when a fire artists demonstrates such well-practiced spinning. This guy does exactly that.
This guy is JaFfiTECH.
kickin’ it like a baw5 and shredding it double staff style I totally dig his double staff geometry and shenanigans in spinning.
Totally awesome, I hope to practice with Jaffi one day : D

~~Credit to Andrew Vo Photography~~