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Einstürzende Neubauten attacks its audience with Molotov cocktails, 1983
Neubauten at The Cat Club in NYC, 1986, via Seele Brennt Everyone and her uncle should seize the opportunity to see Einstürzende Neubauten play. Both of the shows I’ve seen were spellbinding. When it comes to jamming on air conditioners, those “cats” can really “blow,” and theirs is a singular beauty; it’s not like you can just go see the tribute band at the county fair instead. While there are many historic Neubauten shows I would give a tooth to have attended, their November 19, 1983 gig in Oslo, Norway is not one of them. At that particular fun hootenanny, member Andrew (“N.U.”) Unruh threw Molotov cocktails into the crowd, like as in directly aimed them at human beings in the audience (“with a tight safety margin,” Blixa is careful to add). Here are Blixa Bargeld and FM Einheit’s memories of that show from the now scarce band-sanctioned oral history, No Beauty without Danger: FM EINHEIT In Oslo, Norway, we played a gallery and chased people with Molotov cocktails. They also defended themselves: for instance, by trying to attack us with the ship turbine, which was actually one of our instruments. It was a pretty good riot...

Einstürzende Neubauten - “the creative process”

Blixa Bargeld speaks first; Andrew’s segment begins at 1:22, showing off the studio and his collection of materials & describing his method of answering Blixa’s request of “How would oil sound?”

(The video appears to be around Tabula Rasa vintage, I don’t know the exact date)

Thanks to Morgan for reminding me of this video a little while ago.


Re-upload of the Swedish Tanz Debil interview with Blixa & Andrew, mentioned in this post with a dead link. Originally from


Einstürzende Neubauten - 12305te Nacht live on German TV

Welcome to this new blog! It is dedicated to Mr. Andrew Unruh, aka N.U. Unruh aka Andrew Chudy aka That Awesome Guy Who Makes Instruments and Plays Them for Einstürzende Neubauten!

I feel he does not get enough attention around these parts, so I will attempt to rectify this unfortunate situation by posting little scraps of things I find about him around the ‘net. I hope this will increase public appreciation for this modern-day alchemist, who turns scrap base metals into musical gold~~~

Also, feel free to submit any Unruh-related things you find and maybe I will post them too!