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Wicked Little Town (Reprise)
Andrew Rannells
Wicked Little Town (Reprise)

There was a lot I loved about Andrew Rannells as Hedwig, and at the top of that list is this number. When it ended, there was an incredible stillness and silence in the theater, the likes of which I haven’t ever experienced previously. It was like I had heard this song for the first time - or at least understood it for the first time. Just beautiful.

Favorite moments from Lena Hall’s final performance in Hedwig (as viewed from the first row!)

- Instant standing ovation when Lena walked on stage!

- Soundcheck/Random Number Generation! I am so glad they did this; it’s such an awesome song, and so rarely performed, and holy crap Lena sings the shit out of it!!! Plus Lena singing it as Yitzhak was fucking hot!! :D

- The audience going wild when Hedwig introduced Yitzhak, and having a harder time than normal getting us to be quiet.

- Hedwig being all flattered at the number of standing ovations we were giving, and us being like, yes you are fabulous, but no we’re standing for Yitzhak.

- Hedwig kissing the amazing Yitzhak cosplayer in the 1st row during Sugar Daddy, and then having Lena!Yitzhak growl and stare death rays at cosplay!Yitzhak when Hedwig flirted with them after.

- Yitzhak being super aggressive with the audience member Hedwig brought up on stage to flirt with.

- The “quickie” scene between Hedwig and Yitzhak was hilarious tonight. And then having Hedwig put her spit all over Yitzhak’s face to wipe off all that lipstick. :P

- Yitzhak finally getting to sing the high note at the end of Love Theme from The Hurt Locker, and the audience collectively losing its shit!

- Hedwig shouting at us to shut up, and then finally having to beg Yitzhak to tell the audience to be quiet and sit down because we would have just given a ten minute standing ovation otherwise. :D

- Hedwig giving Yitzhak the Shroud! Awwwwww! :DDD

- Hedwig being generally sweet to Yitzhak throughout the performance (within reason of course :P). You could tell that John was emotional about it being Lena’s last show, too.

- And then Hedwig stuffing her dirty handkerchief down Yitzhak’s shirt when Yitzhak forgot to pick it up. And Lena breaking character for a second and laughing. :D I love how John works really hard each performance trying to get Lena to crack up.

- THE LONG GRIFT. And the immediate standing ovation afterwards. Lena was openly crying. By that point, I had melted into a teary mess. ;;__;;

- The power of Yitzhak’s emotional release when Hedwig hands them the wig during Midnight Radio, coupled with all the emotion that Lena was clearly feeling. ;;;__;;;

- The audience members giving Lena roses as she walked up the aisle!!!!

- Those visceral, raw, searing high notes during Midnight Radio. I am going to miss those high notes so fucking much. ;;__;;

- The four wives on stage for the curtain call!!!!!

- And STEPHEN TRASK on stage too!!! I can’t cope!!!!

Lena’s speech at the end. So many tears. ;;;__;;;

And finally, waiting outside in the cold until 2:30 am until after Lena’s farewell party was over, singing Hedwig songs with other Hedheads, and getting to meet Stephen Trask, and getting Sugar Daddies from JCM, and getting to hug Lena one last time and tell her how fucking amazing she is, and getting to tell all these people how much this show has changed my life over the past seventeen years. This was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. Lift up your hands!


HEDWIG is a Phenomenon | Hedwig and the Angry Inch

And you’re shinin’ like the brightest star
A transmission on the midnight radio
And you’re spinnin’, your new forty-fives
All the misfits and the losers
Well, you know you’re rock and rollers
Spinning to your rock and roll

From the Squeezebox to the Jane, to Hollywood, to the Belasco: Thank you, John and Stephen for 21 years of Hedwig. May the party never end.

July 29, 1994-July 29, 2015

Dear Hedwig...

Thank you for coming to Broadway. Thank you for making us laugh. Thank you for making us cry. Thank you for pushing the limits. Thank you for not caring if you were offensive or not. Thank you for not giving a fuck what people thought. Thank you for the music. Thank you for Yitzhak. Thank you for telling us your story. Thank you for pouring your heart out & having it removed to fit into your fucking dress. Thank you for changing people’s lives. Thank you for changing mine. Thank you Hedwig. No musical has ever influenced me as much as Hedwig & the Angry Inch has. Hope I see you again on Broadway soon. I love you my badass rock n roll queen. Danke.