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“The escape from industrialism is not in socialism or in sovietism. The answer lies in a return to a society where agriculture is practiced by most of the people. It is in fact impossible for any culture to be sound and healthy without a proper regard for the soil, no matter how many urban dwellers think that their food comes from grocers and delicatessens, or their milk from tin cans.  This ignorance does not release them from a final dependence upon the farm and that most incorrigible of beings, the farmer.”
— Andrew Nelson Lytle


Behind the Scenes of Evolution of the Daleks / Daleks In Manhattan (Part Five)

Excerpt from the DVD Commentary by David Tennant, Nick Briggs (voice of the Daleks), and Barney Curnow (Visual Effects On Set Supervisor)

[talking about the Tenth Doctor being hit by lightening]
Nick: I love it when you get electrocuted

[Nick laughs as the Doctor starts to scream]

David: What are you laughing at?  I’m in agony!

Nick: I love the way you go up a notch as well… and now it’s agony plus.

[now David laughs]

Nick: I thought, what’s he gonna do?  It’s the shaky thing, isn’t it?

[everyone laughs]

David: You can see my gold filling there.

Barney: You’ve got a gold filling?

David: Well, the Doctor does, obviously. Obviously I remove it in real life.

[later in the commentary]
David: It was a great guest cast on this actually, I think particularly good.  It became quite a tight ensemble, didn’t it?  With a two-part story, of course, everyone is together for five weeks - it’s usually two-and-a-half weeks on a single story. It was a really nice bunch to hang out with. Andrew Garfield I think will become a large star in the near future.

Nick: Yeah, he’s excellent. His American accent was superb. Very specific as well, Tennessee.

David: Yeah. And he’s terrifyingly young, he’s terrifyingly young.  In years to come we’ll go, “He was in an episode of Doctor Who? That’s amazing!”

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  • sometimes even people who don’t know Andrew Minyard’s violent reputation make an effort to avoid him
  • this is 100% because his arm bands SMELL LIKE HELL
  • he wears them 24/7, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t take them off around Nicky/Aaron/Kevin so the only time when he isn’t wearing them is in the shower and to bed???
  • he may or may not wear them under his Exy gear
  • he never really bothers to wash them (also because rearranging his knives into their proper places is too much work)
  • and speaking as someone who used to wear a wrist brace in Canada, imagine the sweat that accumulates from wearing black, full length and thick armbands in southern US
  • when Andrew was on medication, he probably knew and just found it hilarious
  • when Andrew became sober, he just shrugged and stopped caring
  • so when he buys a pair of armbands for Neil, Neil’s the one who’ll wash both pairs together
  • because again, they stink, and Neil would actually listen to the other foxes when they complain
  • he even uses scented detergent to mask the smell a bit longer?
  • and then every time Andrew’s handed his armbands, warm from being blown dry, with his knives in the right spots and smelling faintly citrus-y, the “hate” percentage goes up a little higher
  • and maybe he sometimes pulls Neil down for a kiss

Made 9 different genre versions of the Friends theme song. :D

Rob Scallon
Hank Green
Wheezy Waiter
Anthony Vincent
Taryn Southern
Dan Bull
None Like Joshua
Landon Austin

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*ahem* One info dump on the Slick Six, please

Harry Hyena and the Slick Six were a popular R&B band from Nick’s childhood. He got to see them play live a few times, and his dad once tailored suits for them. Their performance style consisted of them yelling at each other a little at the beginning of every show before breaking into fast paced instrumental humdingers. They took on exaggerated stage personas as an image. The line up:

-“HARRY HYENA”, born Julian Harrison, was the wisecracking frontman. Known for his snappy one liners and signature laugh, he’d tell corny jokes to the audience and his bandmates. He was conductor, lead crooner and songwriter.

-“LITTLE GOLIATH”, Laith Khaury Shwartstein, was Harry’s right hand man- the straight man to his joker. He was a very short lion- he played a little pink ukulele. Sometimes he and Julian would perform duets.

- Lou Stronginthearm, the tiger on trumpet. He was the quiet one, sometimes only responding to quips in music form. A peacekeeper among hooligans.

- “STETSON”, Andrew Grizzly, the portly southern drawling bear guitarist. He was named for the kind of hat he wears all the time, and had a number of dishes in various restaurants named after him.

- BJ Otter on the saxophone. Level headed, he lead most of the swingy instrumental pieces, and often bantered onstage with

-“SLY” Peter Reynard, a golden fox on the double bass. He was Nick’s favorite. The sarcastic, teasing fox was also a favorite among the lady foxes.

-Last but not least, “THE HOTHEADED ONE”, Wolfgang Packard. A short-tempered drummer who had initially taken up music to calm his temper, he was the one whose name the audience never seemed to remember, but in musical groups of seven that’s to be expected.

The introduction of the collar into predator society made it hard to maintain their much loved loud and energetic performance style. They tried to switch over to calmer musical stylings, but this only lead to creative frustrations on their part. Eventually Wolfgang’s collar killed him in one of his rage fits- no one forgot his name after that. The band broke up for good. The once exuberant Harry Hyena fell into depression and substance abuse, and died soon in mysterious circumstances. Little Goliath sort of disappeared and BJ moved back to the canals to be with his family. Peter quit music and opened a small business somewhere in downtown Zootopia. Stetson and Lou made a little more music into the 60s, but they too eventually faded into obscurity.

Ralph White (“Kandi X”)
Bryan Welch (“Sleigher Gemini”)
Brandon Shuforth (“India Mirage”)
Dexter Williams (“Dynasty Vonteese”)
Christian Herrera (“92 Era Lords”)
Marc Gareva (“Natalia Adonis”)
Thomas W Abney (“Lady Poison X”)

Some of the ladies of Orlando’s Drag Race Live and other local Queens that came to support #OrlandoStrong at Southern Nights nightclub in Orlando benefitting the displaced staff members of Pulse. These ladies put on some amazing performances and raised money and spirits among the community. The night was co-hosted by Roxxxy Andrews, and included uplifting showstoppers like a group lip sync to ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga. Never stop dancing, ladies.