andrew satan hussie

1: WHAT is your name? Brenna
2: WHAT is your quest? quest quest quest QUEST FOR THE CHEST the chest of Budapest QUEST FOR THE CHEST the one that we just mentioned *neigh*
3: WHAT is fifty million times a trillion take away two bacon sandwiches? A sad me. I wanted those sandwiches
4: Do you remind me of the babe? WHAT BABE (the babe with the power)
5: Can you see Erebor from where you are? Yeeeeeeaaaahh
7: What do you think about grass? Cows. Cows eat the grass
8: Have you ever needed the Muffin Man? I have… *WAR FLASHBACKS* dammit why isn’t the muffin man here yet? “Have you tried pressing e?” IM COMING FUCK YOU GUYS
9: Are you too cool for skool? R4D
10: Where am I? Seriously, I’m lost. Nightvale
11: *Marlin voice* HAVE YOU SEEN MY SON? 42 WALLABY WAY

1: 3 nice things about yourself?
2: 3 favorite ships?
3: 3 favorite things to do when bored?
4: Favorite joke?
5: get out of my house. Wait, this isn’t my house. How did I get here? Who are you?
6: what makes your heart do the doki doki?
7: Favorite anime?
8: Who is the first person you talk to when you are upset?
9: Favorite band?
10: How do you feel about steampunk?