andrew rotherham

It’s not about giving up on public schools but it is about acknowledging that right now, when you step back, [only] 8 percent of low-income kids can expect to get a bachelor degree by the time they’re 24….[and] when you have a system that produces 8 percent of the low-income kids getting out of college by the time they’re 24, something is wrong.
—  Educational consultant Andrew Rotherham. [complete interview here
Tomorrow: The Debate About Charter Schools

Tomorrow: Diane Ravitch is a former assistant Secretary of Education who once supported No Child Left Behind, school vouchers and charter schools. She explains why she changed her mind.

And Andrew Rotherham, the co-founder of Bellwether Education, a non-profit organization working to improve educational outcomes for low-income students, explains why he supports charter schools.

Andrew’s blog: EduWonk

Diane’s website: Diane Ravitch