andrew rodgers


•Him dressing up all nice
•Showing up at your place and giving you a single rose
•"I’m taking you on a surprise date y/n!“
•Peter jumping up and down in excitement
•"That was really lame. I won’t do that again”
•"It was cute Peter"
•Him tickling you as he picks you up bridal style
•Putting you in his bike basket
•Biking you to the brooklyn bridge while blasting your favorite song
•Him lifting you onto the ledge of the bridge and holding you steady by your waist
•"Do you trust me y/n?“
•"I don’t trust anyone Peter”
•"As a good agent does"
•Him holding you in his arms and jumping off the bridge
•"This is why I don’t trust anyone Peter!“
•Him shooting webs to swing you guys under the bridge
•You clinging to him, your head on his shoulder, eyes shut tight
•"Just look y/n! You’ll miss the view!”
•You tilting your head back to see the city upside down
•Him whispering in your ear
•"Don’t be scared y/n"
•"Be scared of what-“
•Him letting you go
•Flying down at the last second to catch you
•Landing right on a picnic blanket
•You hitting him with a paper plate for scaring you
•"It was fun y/n! You know it was.”
•"Maybe a little…“
•Peter opening a picnic basket and setting out your favorite foods
•Feeding each other
•Feeding yourselves instead because it’s taking too much time and you’re both starving
•Peter giving you a small silver box with a teal ribbon
•"Is this half of a…friendship necklace?”
•"I mean it’s got a peanut butter charm and I have one with the jelly charm on it so I thought it could be like, boyfriend and girlfriend"
•You laughing as he clasps it around your neck
•Him taking both your hands in his
•"Y/n…I was wondering…I mean I don’t know if I’m supposed to ask…or if it just happens…but I did this whole thing…because I mean I like you a lot and I mean…“
•"You can kiss me you idiot”
•Him slowly and carefully stroking your hair back
•And finally kissing you

Peter getting into a fist fight at school

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//can you do an imagine where the reader steps in to defend Peter from some guys at school because she knows he can’t use his powers but it somehow ends up with Peter defending the reader? oh and can the reader also be an Avenger because I love it when you write the reader as having powers too. and idk maybe some of the team will show up? thxxxxx//

warning: mild cussing, mild violence, mentions of blood

“I’ll meet you at the water fountain before lunch, got it? Aunt May put both our lunch money in your book bag so I don’t wanna have to search all over school for you.” you say to Peter, nudging his arm and giving his a serious look.

You’ve been staying at Peter’s house for the past two weeks while your parents are out of town doing god knows what. You usually stay at home by yourself, but when Aunt May found out you’d been eating ramen noodles for dinner every night, she insisted you stay with her and Peter. 

Peter’s been your best friend since…forever. You’ve slept over his house since you were in first grade, but only for weekends or on summer break. But now you two have practically been living together on and off for a year and it’s been an adventure to say the least. 

Especially since every so often you two are called away on missions with the Avengers. Something about fighting crime together really brings two friends closer. That and the fact that you two are the only ones outside of the team who know about each other’s powers, makes you closer than any two people on the planet.

“Yeah I know y/n. Water fountain, got it.” he says with fake annoyance before turning the corner to to his next class, “See ya later.” 

You give him a lazy wave as you turn sharply on your heel to drag your feet to Advanced Algebra 101. 

“Oh god, my textbook.” you mutter to yourself, rushing to your locker to find the book among the clutter.

By the time you fiddle the lock open, the hallways are clear. You know you’re going to be extremely late considering your classroom is on the other side of the school.

You grumble curse words frustratedly as you speed walk down the shortcut most kids are too nervous to take. It can basically cut any route to a class in half, but in order to get there, you have to pass the east wing bathroom. It’s where all the kids who wanna ditch but can’t, because security guards roam the campus, hang out. They gather to talk trash and smoke overpriced weed that is probably just oregano, not that they could tell the difference. 

But they get bored quick and like to grab any idiot kid who walks too close, shoving their head in the toilet or making them eat wet paper towels. It’s childish, but affective in keeping people away from their spot.

“You’re such a bitch.” an amused voice rings, stopping you in your tracks.

You’re an inch away from the west wing bathroom, one more step and you’d be spotted. You start to take a step back when your sneakers make a shrill squeaking sound against the linoleum floors. 

“Who’s that?” another voice calls, walking out of the bathroom doorway right where you were standing.

If you’d been there he’d have gotten you for sure. But your body is pressed against the ceiling, sneakers in hand. You know you shouldn’t be using your powers in school, especially without a mask on, but it’s an impulse thing.

When the muscular football playing looking guy is out of view, you slowly gather a gust of wind to carry you to the ground. 

Peter and the rest of the team like to joke and call you “the last airbender” because you can control the elements. Well, most of them. You’re still working on water. But fire, air, and earth you’ve got all under control. 

You tuck your squeaky sneakers behind an unused recycling bin, backing against the wall and sidestepping to the corner. You peak your head around into the open boys bathroom door, not even daring to breathe. 

“Got some money for me Parker?” the taunting voice asks rhetorically and you barely stop a gasp from escaping your lips. 

It’s Peter.

There are three guys in the small space, only one of which you recognize. One of them is rummaging through Peter’s backpack, the other, Drew who you know from English, is counting the lunch money Aunt May left, and the last guy is holding Peter by the front of his hoodie, forcing him against the tile wall. 

“That’s not mine.” Peter says harshly, his hands clenched into fists, “It’s for-”

Before he can finish the sentence you’re sure will end with your name, the one with the money, Drew, takes a long stride and socks him right in the face. The wave of laughter that ripples through them is enough to block out your string of curses. 

Peter opens his mouth in pain, brushing his fingers against his sure to be bruised jaw and busted lip. 

“It’s for who Parker? Your girlfriend?” Drew asks sarcastically, examining his knuckles, “Y/n’s her name right? She’s a little too…dorky for my dating taste. But I’d still bang her.” 

You roll your eyes, used to hearing the way immature boys talk. But Peter hates when anyone talks about you, ever. 

Peter freezes for a split second, his eyes glassing over with sharp anger. 

“She wouldn’t come near you if you guys were the last two humans on earth.” he says through clenched teeth, spitting dark blood on the ground like they do in the movies. 

“I don’t know.” Drew shrugs, “Some flowers, smooth talking, graphic novels or whatever you geeks like, and she’d be putty in my hands.”

Before your brain can comprehend what your legs are doing, you’ve stepped around the corner and into the bathroom. 

“I actually prefer comic books.” you retort sharply before Peter can defend you and get hit again.

“Y/n don’t-” Peter urges, his words cut off by another strong blow to the stomach.

On pure instinct, you slide forward in two easy strides and sweep Drew to the ground. Your hands tighten around his collar as your fists rears back to punch him in the throat. Anger radiates from every inch of your body, only building with every second. 

It’s then that you notice the gurgling sound from the toilets behind you. Like boiling water that’s gone over the edge. The four sinks in front of you start to vibrate and drip with water, but no one has turned them on.

It’s your powers. 

The other two guys gaze at you with momentary fear, but it’s Peter’s intense look that makes you realize the flaw in your plan. You’re not supposed to be strong or fast or able to overpower a teenage guy twice your size. If you finish this, if you punch this kid in the throat like he deserves, the faucets could explode or water could jump from the toilets like a geyser. Your cover could be blown. You have no idea how to control the water aspect of your powers, if anger built the pressure up, the release of it could set it off. 

Peter shakes his head so slightly you barely catch it. But you loosen your grip on Drew’s collar just enough for him to slip out of it. He takes a second to get to his feet, and you just stand there pretending to be dumbfounded by his “quick” escape. The rattling and gurgling of the water stops.

You don’t put up any defenses, only expecting him to push you out of the restroom or maybe take your backpack and look through it. But the moment he’s regained his balance, his arm shoots up and his meaty fist collides with your left eye. 

There’s a split second of silence that feels like an eternity.

Drew wears a cocky smile, satisfied with his attempt to regain his pride. Peter’s face seems to change in slow motion, turning from relief that you didn’t flood the bathroom, to horror at the way your head snaps to the side with force. Your fingers touch the area around your eye tenderly, only to come back soaked with blood. You catch your own reflection in the mirror, blood streaming down your face like tears. It feels like you stare into your own eyes for hours, trying to piece together how he actually hit you, and how there is so much blood from such a small cut. 

It’s Peter that snaps you out of your trance, that, and your tense instinct to lunge for Drew’s throat.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Peter whispers, shattering the silence that falls around you.

And just like that, you and Peter spring into action.

Blowing your cover doesn’t cross you or Peter’s mind as you swirl a heavy gust of wind around you, throwing it into Drew’s chest. His body flies into the long mirror above the sink, cracking it straight down the middle. 

Webs fly all around you, only followed by frightened shouts. You and Peter are so in sync you dodge every web he strings and he dodges the blows you throw. Your adrenaline builds so strongly, the ground begins to shake underneath your feet. 

You spread both your palms to the ground, closing your fists and rising your arms in one swift motion. Roots spring up through the tile ground, tying Drew and his two guys together with their backs to each other.

Then comes the whirring sound, one you and Peter both recognize as helicopter propellors. 

“Natasha.” you say in unison, catching each other’s eyes.

You both know what to do now. 

You pull the tree roots back into the ground, leaving the three guys sprawled on the ground. You quickly fill the earth with soil that pulls itself from the tile floor, using wind to pull the scattered webs in with it.

A hole is cut in the center of the bathroom ceiling and none other than Natasha herself jumps through.

“Cracked mirror, missing tiles in the floor, and three soon to be forgetful teenage boys. I can’t leave you two alone for two minutes can I?” Nat says, pulling three syringes from her belt, “Peter, get you and Ms.Airbender out of here. Now. We’ve gotta get a cleanup crew in here ASAP.” 

Before you can get a word in edgewise, Peter wraps one hand around your waist and lifts the other straight into the air, shooting a web that attaches to the hovering helicopter. You both fall inside, panting heavily. 

“Sorry you got punched in the mouth.” you sigh, strapping your seatbelt on.

“Sorry you got punched in the eye.” he sighs back, a smile playing on his bleeding lips. 

He pulls a first-aid kit from under his chair, taking out a moist wipe and dabbing the cut under your eye.

“It’ll need stitches.” he mutters, putting a band-aid with a cotton swab underneath on the cut. 

You don’t realize how tired you are until you rest your head against Peter’s shoulder. Your eyelids begin to droop as the steady whir of the helicopter lulls you to sleep. The last thing you feel is Peter’s arm wrap around your shoulders protectively as you are pulled into a soft sleep.


The Parallel Julieverse is deeply saddened to learn of the untimely passing of the lovely Charmian Carr. Her radiant performance as Liesl in The Sound of Music contributed immeasurably to the success of the film and is truly one for the ages. In our hearts, she will forever be sixteen going on seventeen…

Friday, 3/10/17, Curtain 8PM

10:30 PM - Voltaire Wade-Greene (Not on)*

10:32 PM - Kamille Upshaw (Not on)*

10:47 PM - Jon Rua (Not on)*

11:06 PM - Andrew Chappelle (Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson)

11:13 PM - Lauren Boyd (Ensemble)

11:23 PM - Nik Walker (Aaron Burr)

11:31 PM - Jevon McFerrin (Alexander Hamilton)

11:31 PM - Anthony Lee Medina (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton)

Note: The first 3 people came out during the show as swings and standbys are allowed to leave 15 minutes before the show lets out. There was a small crowd already at stage door, so they were kind of just like why not? and signed for them.


are you able to do an peter parker imagine like the airport scene and both are flirting non-stop and after that a developing fluff relationship. :) love your work xx to add to my last request or change it. can the peter and the reader have a huge crush on each other and both are wearing masks so fluffy flirting and yeah what i said in the other ask. tytty :) xx


“Hi, I’m Peter Par…I mean Spider-Man. What’s your name? Never mind. I already know your name. You’re Steve Rodgers. Captain America. The one and only. Er…” Peter stumbles over his words, fiddling with the edge of his mask.

You’re glad you have your sleek expressionless mask on, because underneath you can’t help but smile at his terrible attempt at an “entrance” for the hundredth time.

“Tony said to make a name for yourself Peter. No one knows who you are yet. You want them to know who you are, Spider-Man.” you say confidently and he nods eagerly in response, “And Peter, we’re fighting these guys. Not inviting them for tea. You don’t have to be so nice.”

“I know that y/n.” he grumbles, crossing his arms like a three year old.

The sunlight from the tall airport windows reflect off his suit perfectly, and you want nothing more then to tear that mask off of him and just stare into his diamond eyes.

But you don’t. No, you’re not that smooth. Instead you do the one thing you do with guys you have major crushes on, make fun of him.

You cross your arms, mimicking his frustrated stance.

“Are you making fun of me?” he asks, incredulous.

“Are you making fun of me?” you mimic, making your voice high and childish.

“Well what if I do this?” he asks, turning around in a circle and waving his arms like a monkey.

“Well what if I do this?” you copy, doing the same movement.

“Ha ha.” he says, not laughing at all, “Well what if I do this?”

He shoots a web from each arm and they catch on your wrists. You almost whip the blades from the sleeves of your suit to free yourself, but you relax. It’s just Peter. He can’t hurt you.

Your arms snap forward as he tugs you towards him, your body an inch away from his, his lips so close you can smell peppermint toothpaste on his breath.

“What if you do what?” you ask, your voice shaking.

“This.” he whispers, his trembling hands reaching to pull up the edge of your mask.

You feel his fingers brush against your skin for a split second before a strong grip wraps around your waist and pulls you back.

“And here I was thinking you had a crush on me!” comes Tony’s voice as he slings you across his shoulder so you’re hanging upside down.

His metal shoulders digs into your skin as you struggle against him, not wanting to damage his suit of course.

“Come on y/n! Show me why I brought you along!” Tony eggs on, wanting you to fight.

“You asked for it.” you seethe, adrenaline pulsing brought your body.

You squeeze your fists together, activating the blades that pulse from your suit. You dig them into the back of the suit, pulling yourself forward using the pull from the blades. You swing in between his legs, bringing your feet up and down on his stomach in one swift motion, kicking him against a row of chairs in the empty airport waiting room.

You spring to your feet, retracting the blades and keeping your fighter stance.

“That’s why you brought me along.” you say breathlessly, spying Peter through the corner of your eye.

“That was amazing.” he whispers, and you laugh in response.

“Close your mouth kid, you’ll let flys in.” Tony says grouchily, pushing him out of the way as he stands up.

There’s a sudden “bang” from outside that makes you all snap your attention to the window.

“They’re here.” Tony says, “And I’ve got 2 toddlers on my team.”

“We’re not toddlers.” you and Peter say in unison.

“Yeah, sure.” he says before flying off straight through the glass window, everyone else following.

You dogs flying glass and get ready to run off after them, when you see Peter is still standing there, frozen.

“You comin spidey?” you ask, walking over to him swiftly.

“Of course I am. I’m fine. I can do this.” he says more to himself than to you.

“I know you can do this. Tony knows you can do this. And you know you can too. I’ll be right there next to you the entire time.” you say, knowing that probably isn’t true, but you take his hand anyways.

“Promise?” he asks, your heart practically melting at the softness of the one word.

“I promise.” you say, and for some reason you lean your head against his so your foreheads are resting against each other’s, “Now, let go underoos.”

And before you can hear his response, you soar out of the window after the rest of the group, ready to fight.