andrew reyes

Ska Friends!

Andrew Reyes (left) is Ian’s roommate for Very Good Reasons which I won’t disclose yet, but suffice to say, he is the frontman of none other than The Incredible Fish Head, who’s namesake bassist is none other than, you guessed it, the Incredible Fish Head (I swear I haven’t posted about him in months, no one knows what I’m talking about lol). Regardless, he’s really big into the third wave ska scene, but is significantly less big on Ian’s penchant for Sublime or the Dank Herb (he hasn’t given a definitive stance on George Costanza yet).

Annie Genovese (right) is for all intents and purposes a minor character, but I like her anyways. She accounts for roughly half of Ian’s social circle prior to meeting Damien, as she dated Andrew for the better part of their freshman year of college before almost dying like five times and eventually dropping out to write poetry and land on a CIA watch list. Her current hobbies include dying and being dead in every sense except the literal one and drinking hard liquor while watching Twin Peaks.


introducing: reyes cabrera | bio
↳ Meet Reyes. Reyes planned on a totally boring high school social life beside her best friend, Jughead Jones, and keeping the secret that she lives in the one part of neighborhood that the entirety of Riverdale thinks is garbage. But with her new romantic relationship with Archie Andrews, and her perseverance to keep where she lived hidden suddenly making her a possible suspect in Jason Blossom’s murder, she can’t help but wonder if her reputation was worth it.