andrew rannell

fun things to call your significant other:
•down the alley
•high lob
•low drive
•ceiling shot
•into the corner
•four walls

what i love about falsettos is that the characters are never off stage. they sit on the cube or off to the side, watching the story unfold and listening to the characters songs and inside thoughts even when they’re not in the scene. and i think to important for the actors to see each other but the characters as well as they understand each other more.

Watching the proshot bootleg of Falsettos and just watching Whizzer change from needy to slightly manic in a matter of minutes after winning in The Chess Game just sums up how much Whizzer wanted to break from the submissive/dominant relationship Marvin’s got going on. And then I feel so bad for Trina, having to remain like that for so long

I just love Trina so much and feel so sorry for her