andrew r wright

a pre-narumitsu scenario where theyre both hardcore pining for each other but are completely oblivious to each other’s feelings:

it’s franziska and adrian’s wedding. phoenix has been half-jokingly asking miles for a dance all day and miles keeps telling him not to be ridiculous. the reception finally rolls around, it’s beautiful, everyone is dancing. in a flash of boldness phoenix asks miles onto the floor one more time, and to his complete surprise, instead of turning red and rolling his eyes and brushing it off, this time he actually agrees.

franziska sees this and is LIVID. like, adrian is having to hold her back from stomping over there to give phoenix wright, the ultimate foolish fool™, a piece of her mind in front of all two hundred bazillion wedding guests. not because they’re being so cute that it’s stealing the brides’ thunder – like *that* could ever happen – but because franziska is fully aware of her little brother’s romantic feelings for phoenix wright, and it looks to her like phoenix is just toying with him.

fast forward to the end of the song and franziska has calmed down enough for adrian to let her slip away for a Word In Private with phoenix (no whip at the wedding so she’s brandishing her bouquet instead). she asks him, point-blank, WHAT do you think you’re doing??? because NO ONE is allowed to tease miles edgeworth except for his sister. no one. especially not if they are knowingly breaking miles edgeworth’s heart.

they stare at each other for a few moments and it slowly dawns on franziska that phoenix had *no clue whatsoever* that his massive embarrassing crush was fully reciprocated and he thought that miles had only said yes to the dance so that phoenix would stop pestering him about it

of course this becomes phoenix’s favorite story to tell all the guests at the reception of his and miles’ own wedding a few years later