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We hadn’t discussed it formally, but I think that certainly after these three episodes, there’s literally no limit to the things that we could do. There’s still an endless treasure trove of DC Comics characters, and stories, and titles that we haven’t even come close to touching yet. We’re certainly not wanting for ideas for the future. We know that they’re out there for us.

I give Maguire crap every now and then but guess what, he’s a spider-man. He’s part of this lineage whose character has values that ingrains people with a moral duty to do what they can, when they can. All of these actors have put forth the effort it took to bring this character to life and let me say I enjoy every single one of them. Each with a unique spin of Peter Parker brings forth my love of the character, the comic and the movies. If these messages or movies don’t inspire you then what the fuck are you doing watching a Spider-man movie?

Thunder Thighs

Stuart Hogg Will Strike Lightning With His kicks For Scotland!

Woof, Baby!

“Ryan Reynolds wants Deadpool to have a boyfriend in the next film”

Anyone else want to start a petition for it to be Spider-Man? 


You will never be alone as long as you keep creating bonds during your lifetime.

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Earth 2: World’s End #16 - “Birth” (2015)

written by Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, & Mike Johnson
art by Scott McDaniel, Tyler Kirkham, Eduardo Pansica, Robson Rocha, Paul Neary, Guillermo Ortego, & Andrew Dalhouse


power couple

(noun) A relationship between two people who are equally as cool as each other. They are as individually awesome and fun to be around as they are when they are together. 

In a power couple, if one person is flawed, the other person makes up for their weaknesses in strength. Together they are the epitome of what anyone would desire in a relationship.


Andrew Lincoln Appreciation Week: Day 5
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