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I swear, ever since Hussie vastly reduced his social media presence towards the end of Homestuck, his cryptid powers have grown exponentially. You almost seem to forget just how much of a cryptid he is, since you don’t really hear much from/about him these days, but then when you DO… hoo boy.

Like, you’ll hear nothing Hussie-related for months on end, then all of a sudden he’s showing up to a convention with a minions t-shirt and fidget spinners taking pictures with Vriska cosplayers. And now we’ve had an absolutely bizarre and somewhat terrifying sbahj update drop out of nowhere, followed up the next day by a third-party website just casually announcing a new sbahj book that’s a collaboration between Hussie, KC Green, and fuckin DRIL. With no other explanation whatsoever.

The man has an aura of truly terrifying power…


Some of the deleted scenes of the 2017 Power Rangers movie revealed just how influential 1985 classic Breakfast Club was on the film.

Both Jason of Power Rangers (2017) & Andrew of Breakfast Club (1985) were being scolded by their fathers about blowing a sports scholarship.

Jason and John Bender walk carelessly in front of car while entering the school.

The place of detention at Angel Grove looks similar to that of Shermer High School.

Kimberly cuts her hair at similar length to Claire Standish of Breakfast Club. They’re also both the archetype popular cheerleader with primadonna personalities.

Trini plays the secluded emo personality that Allison Reynolds was.

Zack, the attention getting crazy guy that John Bender was.

And Billy was the smart math enthusiast that Brian personified.

another important moment in history that isn’t spoken about enough: Andrew’s silent acceptance that despite everything exy means something to him. it’s a step in his recovery that shows he can have good things without them being taken away. It’s a silent acceptance of a future.

he doesn’t have to be afraid to be happy.

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Wimbledon. 1919. Andrew-Power.

24 ½ x 39 5/8 in./62.3 x 100.7 cm

Like a smart athlete who wastes no energy, this design inviting the London public to travel by Undergound to the Wimbledon tennis tournament uses the famous event’s name as the net. “Andrew-Power” was the signature of the joint studio of Sybil Andrews and Cyril Power, in which Power got the orders and Andrews created the designs. They had met at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London, where Power was a teacher and Andrews a pupil. Under the influence of Claude Flight, another teacher there, they adopted an avant-garde Futurist style whose hallmark was the depiction of movement and speed-certainly in evidence here.

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