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Andrew O’Malley’s Light Sculptures

Some artists may find it difficult to create works that truly engage an audience, but Ottawa artist Andrew O’Malley is not one of them. His lighting works are playful and entertaining, combining finely crafted cases, hand-built electronics, and custom programming to create pieces that evolve in front of our eyes; like ‘living’, electronic sculptures.

The artist is fascinated with the rules of programming, and how even something structured can create random results. A light box may be programmed to change colours at certain times periods, but the fun part is seeing what colours the program will choose. It helps too that the artist studied electrical engineering, allowing him to have the knowledge behind the science in order to express programs and circuits creatively through art. 

One of Andrew’s pieces, Electric Window 4 (2009), uses sixteen LED lights to create gradient effects between light intensities, as well as transitions and patterns. The work is always changing; instead of having people stare at the same image, different viewers see a different art piece. The pattern that one person saw first, is different to what another person will see first, and this dynamic art piece allows for diverse conversation and understanding of the art.

If you would like to see some of Andrew’s pieces in person, he is represented by Cube Gallery in Ottawa, where they not only have a collection of his light boxes, but also a DOTKLOK (2010)!

-Anna Paluch