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Starbucks Crossed Lovers Part 1 (Peter Parker x plus size reader)

Summary: It has been months since Gwen died and Peter still hadn’t gotten over it. Well not until he met you.

AN: ok so this is based off the events after TASM 2 but you can really imagine it with any Peter you want😂👍 also ew the title of this is so bad😂

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Peter’s Pov

Another boring day of working at the local Starbucks. Another boring day of making drink after drink. Well that was until she walked in.

I started to finish making a coffee for a customer when she came in. The door opened to reveal a girl. A fucking beautiful one might I add. I continued to watch her and she caught my gaze. The girl sent a small smile my way and I felt butterflies in my stomach. A feeling I haven’t experienced since I was with Gwen.

As I tried to continue to make the variety of different drinks people ordered I couldn’t help but get distracted by her. And her perfect H/C hair that framed her face perfectly. And her shiny E/C eyes that glowed in the terrible lighting of the cafe. And her perfect lips that looked so kissable. Her jeans that fit her curved hips and thick thighs perfectly-

“Oh shit.” I muttered to myself as I accidentally dropped a cup of coffee.

“Come on Parker! Keep up!” The girl at the cash register shouted to me. But then I saw her. She was ordering her drink. I watched the cashier wrote a name down, but I was too far away to see what the name was.

I finished two more orders until I got to hers. I picked up the cup and read the name. ‘Y/n.’ I said in my head ‘it fits her perfectly.’

I started to quickly make the F/D. I finished it, put the lid on it and went to the pick up window.

“A F/D for y/n!” I shouted. She turned around upon me calling her name.

“That’s me.” She said, her voice sounded so sweet. I started to pass her the cup with my shaky hand. She grabbed it and our finger tips touched for a brief second, making my heart leap a little at the contact.

“Thanks.” She said shortly and grabbed the cup. I just stood there like an idiot smiling bashfully at her.

“Ugh-h I-I- no problem.” I answered but by the time I did she was already sitting at a table getting her laptop out of her bag.

Regular Pov

It was only two weeks until the new year of school started. Your freshman year of college. You still had some summer assignments to complete, so you decided to head to Starbucks and finish them there.

As you walked in, the barista looked up from the cup of coffee he was handing a customer and looked at me. You sweetly smiled at him and walked over to the line. You couldn’t help but his oh so oblivious glances and stares at you.

Could he possibly be staring at me? You thought to yourself. But then when you started to order, you saw him openly staring at you and dropping a cup of coffee. Yep he was definitely staring at you.

“Oh shit.” You heard him mutter. You laughed to yourself. Oh god was he cute. After finishing ordering your drink, walked to the counter.

A few minutes passed until the boy, who you had caught staring at you a few times called out your name.

“A F/D for y/n!”

“That’s me.” You replied grabbing the cup from him. “Thanks.” You walked away before you could even hear his response. You walked over to a table and sat down. You opened your laptop and started to work on assignments.

Before you knew it the time was 9:45 pm and you had finished your assignments. You looked up from your laptop to see the cafe nearly empty with only a couple sitting in the back drinking two cups of coffee.

You noticed that the only people left working was the cute boy who was and still is staring at you and the girl who took your order before. You thought about whether you should go talk to him or not. The cafe closes in 15 minutes so I guess it’s now or never.

You walked in the line and waited for the boy to take your order. But unfortunately as the boy started to walk over the girl yelled at him to continue cleaning and that she could take the order.

“What can I get you?” She asked.

“Actually I think I’m good.” You dismissed the thought of getting another drink, knowing you could probably not get a chance to speak to the boy. You walked back to your table and packed up your things.

You made your way to the door. As you opened it you turned around and meet the gaze of the cute boy. Both of you frowning a bit, realizing that you’d probably never see each other again. Or so you thought.

Je t’aime

Imagine 2: Je t’aime

Summary: Peter tries to confess about his feelings to (Y/N), convinced she’d never like him back, but is pleasantly surprised at her reaction.

Pairing: Female!Reader x Peter Parker

Warnings: N O N E, a ton of fluff

Word count: 845 (short baby fic)

Credits to me, Stan Lee and Andrew Garfield.

[Written: 8-19 Nov, Edited: 19 Nov, Published: 19 Nov]


Author’s Note: This was based off of a text from French class. How ironic that something so insanely boring could be the cause of an average Spider-Man oneshot. Also, my Peter Parker is Andrew Garfield, but feel free to imagine whoever you like. 

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“I can’t believe that Flash actually tried – and succeeded – to ask Lacey out for prom.” I blew out a cloud of white as I wiggled my toes in my winter boots. The frost coloured the pavement a shade lighter than usual, and the snow-covered windows happily blinked at me, reflecting the lights of the lampposts and other windows. Peter walked beside me, his cheeks all red from the cold. I’d told him to bring a scarf, but he wouldn’t have it. Now the top of his cheekbones and his red were flushed scarlet. The on-the-go coffee cup in his hands almost glowed with warmth, and I could see how he clasped his cold hands around them to try not to lose any stray fingers. After he’d thrown it into a bin, he tried to catch some warmth to his frozen fingers by rubbing them together. Looking down on my own glove-covered hands, I could feel my own face go red as I quickly grabbed his hand in mine.

“Wouldn’t want your hands to become ice before Aunt May can scold you for not wearing mittens.” I watched how a white cloud with words flew from my mouth, and proceeded to hide my red cheeks in my scarf. Peter laughed and grabbed my hands even tighter. “I guess not.”

We settled quiet, just watching people dealing with the unexpected cold and snow. After a few minutes, he said: “I’ve got something to tell you.”

I closed my mouth, having opened it to say something myself before he cut me off. “Ok”, I raised an eyebrow, “Shoot.”

“I’m…”, he took a shaky breath. “I’m in love.” He looked at me, his hazel eyes glistening.

“But that’s great!” I exclaimed, smiling at him. Quickly dropping his warm hand, I flushed as I realised what this meant. The one whom he loved was probably, most definitely not me. He looked a little disappointed, before settling his hands in his pockets. I kicked a pebble on the ground in front of me, missing the his warmth of his smooth hand, but far too shy to do anything about it.

“She’d never like me, anyway”, he later added, kicking the same pebble I’d just attacked with my own snow-boot. Sure, like anyone could dislike you, a voice in my mind objected.

“Sure, like anyone could dislike you”, I heard myself say. Damn it, mouth, don’t eavesdrop on my brain!

Peter snorted a short laugh. “Ha.”

I felt myself go red, and tried my best to hide my face in my scarf. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

“Anyway, like I said; The girl I like would never like me in that way, so it’s kind of a closed case”, Peter continued, adding an adorable sigh at the end.

Smiling sadly to myself, I said: “Hmm. It’s kind of the same thing for me.”

“What?” he exclaimed, looking at me.

“The boy I like doesn’t like me back”, I rolled my eyes slightly, “Not in that way.”

“That’s absurd, you’re the best!” He blew out a cloud of white air through his nose, looking at me with kind, sad eyes.

After laughing a little at his reaction, I said: “No, no, really. It’s a lost cause. Guess it’s just my usual bad luck.”

“Who’s the lucky guy, anyway?” Peter asked with eager eyes.

This was an insanely tricky position. I decided to go with the easiest way out: lying.

“It’s… someone.” I tried to be as vague as I possibly could, but Peter wouldn’t have it. He kept on asking, and I kept on giving uncertain answers.

“But if I can’t have you, then please let me know how can!” Peter blurted out, his brown eyes glazed over with tears. I stared at him, my mind racing with all kinds of thoughts in the style of ‘Oh my God is this happening?´.

Peter looked at me, his face apologetic. “Shit, I’m sorry-”

“No, no. Don’t be”, I breathed, feeling how my cheeks grew even hotter. Summoning all of my courage, I intertwined my fingers with his. “Because I think you’ll find that it’s not quite so impossible that the girl likes you too.”

Peter turned his head to me, a goofy smile stretching out his mouth as he said: “You do?”

“Hmh.” I nodded, looking deep into his eyes, before focusing on the snow-covered road before us.

“If you say so”, he smiled, grabbing my hand in his fully and swinging our arms together. I laughed at him, feeling how an exciting feeling lit a fire in my blood. My mind was buzzing with happy thoughts, and I couldn’t contain my smile.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

We walked down the streets together, our hands carefully twisted together. The both of us knew that if we’d only known each other, we would have confessed about our feelings earlier, but I couldn’t bare to feel regret as I felt how his steps melted into my pace. Snow covered up our footsteps, and no-one would know about this moment and this feeling, except us two.

  • Peter: Will you drive me to the mall?
  • Tony: What did Steve say?
  • Peter: He said no.
  • Tony: Then why would I allow you?
  • Peter: He's not the boss of you.
  • Tony: [internally] This is a trap this is a trap this is a trap
  • Me: Man, I worry about Hussie sometimes. After the ending, we've not known much about him at all. Even with the news for Hiveswap coming periodically, it's more about WhatPumpkin as a whole and the team making the game. What has he been up to? Is he okay? Is he still fine?
  • Hussie: *Shows up to the anime expo in a minions shirt, space pants and fidget spinners, flanked by Vriska on either side*
  • Peter: Dad, Steve.. I-I think I'm gay.
  • Steve: Oh, honey, we love and support you no ma-
  • Tony: HI GAY I'M DAD
  • Me: *sees something about Peter Parker aka The Spiderman™*
  • Me: *holding back tears* thats some good shit right there
  • <p> <b>Tony:</b> [to Peter] So, this is how an immature, engaged, high school idiot, with no car, no job, and no money try to become a hero.<p/><b>Peter:</b> That was like eight burns in one sentence<p/><b>Wade:</b> An octo-burn.<p/></p>