Rosita needs to control her anger before it put other in danger.She was the only one who starting fighting in this episode causing everyone else to have to jump in ,Arron even try to stop her .Everyone has lost something not just her and this whole me me me it all about me attitude she has can go .Look at Tara she lost a girlfriend and a friend in Glenn but she not just thinking about herself and her own revenge she thinking for the good of the group.She need to realize that she is not alone that these people are her family.

  • <p> <b>Other people during TWD S07E10:</b> Oh look at Daryl with Shiva/Carol needs to fight/Jerry is so cute with the cobbler.<p/><b>Me during TWD S07E10:</b> WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NEGAN/RICK PORN?!<p/></p>

Okay ignore the disgusting watermark at the bottom left, I’m still learning how to do this. But besides the UMM. THE REFERENCE? I’m so fucking proud at how far they’ve come. Rick and Michonne could barely even stand to look at each other in season 3. They’ve built up such a loving and trusting relationship and it makes me so happy I literally wanna squeal.

Glenn a actual important poc character  in the series get killed and ,fanboys and fangirls “I ship maggie with Jesus  or I ship maggie with Negan”.Jessie a minor character in the show get killed fanyboys and fangirls “I just don’t think realistically rick should have move on so quickly from Jessie “.So when the person of color get kill people don’t care you even ship Maggie with the man who killed her husband and a character that is gay,but when a blonde white woman get killed someone who was only in like four episodes that bother you. Okay 


Rick & Daryl // back where I belong. 

 Song: 🎧 5 AM - Amber Run. 

 All this week I’ll be posting remakes of old edits. Let me know what you think! Also, how cute was Daryl in last night’s episode? He missed Carol so much because she’s like HIS MOM. I feel like I needed that. Whew. And now he and Shiva are gonna be best friends. 

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