andrew koenig

Florence Welch & Andrew VanWyngarden pranking Ezra Koenig (2008)
  • EK: One thing I was thinking of when I found out that you were gonna come in, I was trying to think about the first time I ever met you - do you know the first time you ever met me?
  • Florence: I can’t remember…I think it was at a festival though wasn’t it?
  • EK: Okay well this might not even be the first time I met you, but this is the first time ever I saw your face.
  • Florence: Yeah–
  • EK: Well I think, and actually I want you tell me if this is true. I think it was at Reading/Leeds 2008 and you were hanging out with MGMT.
  • Florence: (gasps) When me and Andrew were sitting underneath your table that had your snacks on it and shooting juice cartons through the paper!
  • EK: OK, I didn’t even know about that. (laughter) OK, so does that sound right?
  • Florence: Well I don’t think because we were hiding in your dressing room and I think we were going to try and surprise you, we were hiding underneath your–
  • EK: Surprise me or punk me?
  • Florence: I don’t know, but I remember we were hiding underneath the table that had all your like dressing room snacks on it and we were using Ribena cartons to like shoot like as weapons or something. And then we found some tires to play with. (laughter)
  • EK: So this is in 2 thousand–were you guys like, messed up?
  • Florence: Yes
  • EK: OK it’s a festival, there’s no shame in that.