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Favorite Things of Last Night: Charlie Brown Improv

Andrew Holmgren by. Nicole Salmeri

[A happy birthday goes to one Andrew Holmgren. I still remember the first time seeing him, a part of a pack called “the Opposite of Canada”. He has since matured into a respectable, hard working, and very talented comedian crafting some of the most cleverly compact comedy in the scene. For instance:

There are a lot of stereotypes out there. My favorite is Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

His wit is overarching, pushed through a pot-prism. He’s got a good mind for the business too, running the comedian lounge, house of anecdotes called “23 Club”. All in all, he’s a cool guy. So raise your chocolate milk to Mr. Andrew Holmgren. Happy Birthday!]


The Rip Currents featuring David Gborie, Andrew Holmgren, Luke Lockfeld, Keith D, and Justin Gomes. 

[Rock and Roll High School is in session.]

Tonight: Get Yucked Up in Brisbane, CA. 23 Visitacion Ave. Brisbane. 21+. No Cover. Featuring iLs Goldbarg, Duat Mai, Andrew Holmgren, Jesse McGrath, Andrew Moore, Keith D, and David Gborie.

[“Underwater court is in session” is a great tagline. I’m glad these shows exist. It shows great chutzpah. Plus it’s the first showcase of my longtime friend, Jesse McGrath. I’m very proud of him.]