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Here we are at picturesque North Berwick. I was instructed by a local where to get the perfect picture postcard shot of Craigleith (the rock out to sea in the centre of the frame).

Craigleith hosts a thriving colony of birds, including puffinsgannets, and other seabirds. The Bass Rock appears white, but this is due largely to the gannets and their guano (bird shit) that cover much of its surface.


One of the first things you start to notice when you cross the bridge to Deer Isle in Maine is not only the stunning scenery but also the amount of rubber left on the tarmac.

I spent last week on vacation in and around Stonington, the main town on the island and each day as I went out for a bike ride one would come across fresh burnouts, evidence of last nights fun and games.

Turns out of course I am a little late to this local phenomenon as it has been well documented already in a 2006 documentary ’Tire Tracks‘ from island resident and first time director John Steed. Great review and insight in to the ritual here from David Carr at the NYT.

Scroll down for some more pics…

Following last weeks debut of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon we have the new Late Night (later tonight) with host Seth Meyers. And whilst I have not yet had the pleasure of photographing Mr Meyers I did get to snap his new band leader Fred Armisen some time back for Maxim.

It was one of those fun shoots where Fred got to spend $500 of Maxims money however he chose. I seem to remember the purchasing of antiques, instruments and copious amounts of Momofuku Milk Bar treats amounted for most of the cash. I also read that Portlandia fans have nothing to fear as Fred’s new gig will not interfere with filming of future series. So there.

I am in the midst of a major website overhaul and update (ye yes my dears I know the excitement surrounding such a shiny new thing is palpable and whilst we don’t have a launch date set in stone it will be very very soon I promise) and came across this outtake from the shoot which will feature on the new site. How’s about that then for a sneak peak…


Here it is in all its printed glory ‘Boomtown Nashville’ for the September 2014 Travel + Leisure style and culture issue.

In case you are none the wiser Nashville is the hot spot at the moment. There’s a lot more to this town then country music BTW. What with Jack White, The Black Keys et al the scene crosses all genres with ease and then some.

BUT music is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of cool cool tasty shizzle happening across the board; the arts, culture, food, drink, business, etc etc etc.

At times it kinda feels like Williamsburg (especially up and coming East Nashville), all bearded and tattoo’d out only with none of the attitude or pretense. All that easy going Southern charm just oozes out of everyones pores. Even the immigrants who have moved in in droves and are adding their own blend to an already exciting mix have embraced the Nashville ways of creativity through community. 

Here’s to you Nashville. One hell of a town!!!!!


Finally stuck a proper point and shoot in the Pantani jersey for Sunday’s ride. Although once the roads started to go up, the camera seemed to come down with a severe case of sticky pocket and not want to come out to play as the pain and gradients rose…

Anyways it was a glorious day for it. Train transfer from Grand Central to Beacon, then across the bridge to Newburgh, Storm King Highway before Bear Mountain ascent, Seven Lakes Drive, 9W, GWB and the hell ride that is the West Highway bike path on a Sunday afternoon.

Good times with the four man breakaway Robert ‘go faster Rapha Pro Team Jersey stripe’ Wright, Jonathan 'I go to 11’ Winton and Brett 'chaffed undercarriage’ Sahler…

No better way to get one ready for a hard day on the links then with the nutritious ‘Full Scottish’ at The Golf Inn in Gullane.

Thats some sweet-cured streaky bacon, 2 pork and leak sausages, 1 black pudding, freshly caught haggis, 2 grilled tomatoes (well two halves so 1 whole), mushrooms, baked beans, a tattie scone, toast, butter, two fried eggs and a nice cup of tea.

The only way to keep your game regular over 18 holes apparently…

Here’s my spread of The Weather Channel weatherman Jim Cantore for the July issue of Outside magazine.

I have to say that this shoot went swimmingly. Jim was more than game in braving the bathroom elements and was a super fun sport. We tried to recreate a storm force environment although the water was comfortably warm mind you…

Big ups to Hannah and Amy at Outside.

In observance of todays USA V Belgium World Cup match the offices of Andrew Hetherington Photography LLC will be closed for the duration. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get decided by a penalty kick although a result is a result no matter how you get it, providing your team wins of course . Ole ole ole ole….


After all the first round Open Championship excitement one must be starved and parched. How about a trip back into Edinburgh to the homely Kilderkin Pub at 65/67 Canongate.

May I recommend a pint of Red McGregor or perhaps one of the many Scottish Whiskys. The Kilderkin also has a rather fine selection of rums too matey. In need of further sustenance to mop up the alcohol there is the rather tasty ‘Frankie Goes To Holyrood’ pizza with haggis and mozzarella or if that’s a little bizarre how about haggis without the crust, served nouveau style below a tower of mashed potatoes and arugula for extra ruffage. Yum Yum !!!

They also have board games a plenty for those who like not to limit their pub time to drinking and host a not to be missed quiz night open to all comers once a week. And if that’s all to much for you you can always enjoy some quiet time with Toby the dog…

Here’s my first outing for Field & Stream ‘The Gun Nut Challenge’ in quite some time. Photographed back in May on the first really hot day of the Summer it was quite the sweat fest as we battled through the challenges with two of the magazines finest sharp shooters.

The drills simulate real situations and aim to have you in tip top shape come hunting season.

As you can see we packed quite a lot into the shoot day. The heat wasn’t our only nemesis mind you. The old tick’s were out in force and one could feel them crawling up one’s pant leg with every step.

Oh and we shot the stills too (the merit badges). How’s about that then…

Big ups to John Toolan and the F&S crew for the gig and doing such a fab job with the layout.