andrew grosse

i hope more than anything that there is a scene somewhere, maybe in the s1 finale after all this grundy shit is over, where Archie can look back and realize–that wasn’t love. that wasn’t a relationship. that wasn’t anything real or true. and he’s finally able to realize what love is really supposed to feel like, and he’s ready for it now.

i just want one not-horrible thing to come out of the grundy situation.

So it’s a casual Saturday night and the foxes are socializing and of course they are getting drunk so Nicky comes up with this incredible idea that Neil should be blindfolded and has to differentiate between Aaron and Andrew just by touching certain body parts 

  • the reason Andrew agreed to this is because he suggested doing something similar to Katelyn and Aaron in the first book 
  • and he wants to know how well Neil knows him
  • and for many more reasons like who even knows what goes on in andrew’s mind
  • anyway Neil’s okay doing it as long as Andrew is fine with the plan
  • Allison of course starts a bet with the rest of the gang whether or not Neil would guess right or wrong
  • Kevin surprisingly takes part in the bet (he bets that Neil will guess right)
  • sharing a room with Andrew and Neil has grossed him out but he has heard enough noises to know that they definitely know each other body well enough ;)
  • Aaron initialy refuses but Allison tells him that if Neil guesses wrong(picks Aaron) then Aaron gets all the money 
  • and aaron is never one to turn down money so he begrudgingly agrees
  • before starting Neil takes a couple shots (Nicky suggested it because it would spice up the game)
  • Then Matt blindfolds Neil and they turn him around a couple of turns to throw him off
  • Renee is the one to guide Neil’s hand to the proper body part 
  • because after Neil, Andrew is the most comfortable with Renee’s touch
  • the game starts off with Neil touching both Andrew’s and Aaron’s face
  • Neil is very hesitant because he knows how particular Andrew is about touching
  • so he kind of just ghosts his fingers along the first person’s face(it’s Andrew’s)
  • he touches Andrew’s nose first because Neil often gives Andrew kisses on the nose
  • but when he’s blindfolded he can’t really tell
  • so he moves on to Aaron and touches his nose but he can’t really tell
  • Neil is a little drunk let’s be real so no matter what he touches it all feels the same to him
  • so Renee moves his hand to Andrew’s and Aaron’s chest but once again everything feels the same 
  • and neil is starting to regret taking those shots
  • but right before he decides to give up Neil has a stroke of genius and asks Renee to move his hand back to Andrew/Aaron’s face
  • Neil knows how much andrew loves neck kisses 
  • and neil had just given Andrew a neck hickey the day before 
  • and Neil is very very familiar with Andrew’s neck
  • luckily Renee puts Neil’s hand on Andrew’s face 
  • so neil starts feeling around his neck until he gets to a part that seems very familiar
  • the foxes are shouting encouragement in the background while Nicky is making sexual noises
  • so neil cant hear the slight hitch in Andrew’s breath when Neil’s feather light fingers come in contact with his neck
  • just to be on the safe side Neil ghosts his fingers over the rest of Andrew’s neck before a smile forms on his lips
  • because he would know Andrew’s body anywhere
  • as a way of indicating which twin is Andrew, Neil just leans forward and places a quick kiss on Andrew’s lips
Not being mean

RoboMay was programmed to get closer to Coulson. She didn’t want the fake Coulson because he wasn’t a real boy. The whole thing their regrets, their wishes, through all the years never lined up. You can love someone and not be in love. I don’t believe we are going to see some grand romance, I think that Phil erasing Andrew from existence would gross May out. Plus if Coulson never joined Shield he and May would not have met. Sorry it thin Jed put the nail in that coffin.

In the end I must say I feel so very sorry for Andrew W. Marlowe who left a show he put his heart into to create something new after a long time (which he had every right to) and now a money hungry TV network is running amok with his vision, his creation and his characters. What a fucking shame.