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Move Out Day, 052413

Looking back on it, I really did enjoy my experience living on-campus. The opportunity to be able to live with other first year students was amazing. I got to know so many people this past year, it was ridiculous. It’s such a diverse group of people, it challenged me and helped me grow so much from when I first stepped foot on-campus.

I’m just going to say it—if you are blessed with the opportunity to live on-campus, do it.

Sure there were times I wished it away and maybe one time I cried non-stop (lol) but in the end it all contributed to my overall first year experience. My first year experience which entailed living away from home in a new environment full of opportunity and adventure with the safety of knowing you have somewhere to sleep at night conveniently located on-campus. Those days I spent hating everything and not enjoying dorming only made those moments I spent crying from laughter and smiling non-stop that much greater.

Dorming was a wonderful experience. It seriously defined my first year experiment at CSUF.

I will miss thee dearly, Elm 417. You were good to me. Peace out.

I surround myself with people I can learn from. People I look up to and can model myself after; take strengths I admire from others and build it into who I am. I’m not perfect, I don’t know everything. I will never be as available to learn as I am in my life right now in this moment. Take from others, embrace their differences, and challenge yourself to become who you want to be. You’re living your life for you, so why not actually be something you enjoy?