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people who think andrew garfield is the best spiderman

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I lied to Peter. I told him that I would leave him alone, but I will not. I will remain close by to provide unseen moral support.
—  Tony Stark, 7520%
Kiss Me

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: You and Tom are on your third date after three months of dating, but you haven’t kissed yet. That changes pretty quickly.

Warnings: Cheesy writing, a whole lot of teasing each other (not sexually get outta here), and my terrible writing

Note: This is the beginning of my new series! The series will be your relationship with Tom through Ed Sheeran songs. Not all of them will be this short or poorly written, but this is my first time writing in like two weeks so criticism is helpful. I plan on working on the next part of the series today but I can’t promise that it’ll be out today! Thank you, loves!

Part 2 - Part 3

When you first met Tom, it was not of the conventional standards. You had been working in your flower shop before it opened and had mistakenly left the door unlocked. He rushed in and closed the door behind him, his chest rising and falling heavily. You had said something about the store being closed, and he had responded saying that he was being ambushed by paparazzi and he just needed a place to hide out for ten or fifteen minutes. You were immediately surprised by his British accent and he was immediately obsessed with how pretty you were.

He looked at all the flowers you sold and noticed a bundle of roses. He asked if he could buy a single rose, you said of course, and he bought you one and left a note on it with his number, his name, and a heart.

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