Dueling Club

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Pairing: Young Remus Lupin x Reader

Words: 2265

Warnings: Blood, probably some cursing

Summary: The reader is paired with Severus for a duel and to get back at the Marauders for everything, he decides to try out his new spell on the reader

Author’s Note: Before anyone says anything, I do not hate Snape, nor do I think he’s a bad guy. I also don’t believe he is actually dumb enough to use Sectumsempra. I just thought this situation would make a cute story

“You know how much I hate coming to this thing. Especially when you insist on dueling.” Remus whined. You ruffled his hair and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“I’ll be fine,” You laughed. “Besides, has anyone ever been better than me with a wand?” Sirius coughed loudly and snickered. You sighed. “Anyone other than Sirius?”

“And don’t you forget it.” The black haired boy joked. You shuttered at the memory of your last duel with Sirius. He hadn’t hurt of course, you were like a younger sister to him- but you did end up with green skin for almost a week. The crowd of students cheered as James defeated Lucius Malfoy with a dancing charm. James bowed theatrically and joined the three of you.

“Atta boy James!” Sirius shouted. Everyone chuckled as Lucius did an Irish jig off the dueling platform.

“Next we’ll have Y/F/N Y/L/N.” The professor in charge announced. The other marauders hollered and Remus sighed, reluctantly releasing his grip on your hand. You turned to face him, lacing your fingers in his hair and pulling his lips to yours, moving your lips together while the Marauders let out hoots and cat-calls. Remus pulled away and rolled his eyes playfully, placing a light and delicate kiss  on your forehead. You stepped unto the platform proudly, boldly looking around, your eyes daring someone to come against you.

“Your opponent is Severus Snape.” The professor added before looking back down at the papers he was grading instead of supervising the duel. James and Sirius laughed loudly. You couldn’t help but chuckled as Severus joined you, his greasy, dark curtain of hair falling in his face.

“Snivellus doesn’t stand a chance!” Sirius yelled and they erupted in more laughter. You paced towards him, and he stepped towards you. When the two of you were only a few inches apart, you smirked, raising your wand to your face. But you noticed that Severus wasn’t even looking at you. Instead, his glare was deadly focused on James and Sirius, who were still calling out your name in a chanting chorus. Narrowing your eyes, you bowed before turning around and walking the right amount of steps. You quickly turned back to face your opponent, wand raised.

“Sectumsempra!” Severus screamed, and in the moment before the spell hit your body, you were trying to figure out what he had just said for it was no spell you had ever heard of. A blinding flash of white light slammed into your chest, flinging you across the room.

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