Partners - Young!Remus Lupin x Reader


#13 and 1 where the reader (preferably Ravenclaw) and Remus are intellectual nemesis and argue over everything to the point everyone thinks they hate eachother until they confess in the middle of an argument

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Y/L/N = Your last name | Y/H = Your house

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“Now, can somebody tell me the key ingredients to the Sleeping Draught?”

Your hand shot up in a second, quickly followed by Remus.

“Yes, Ms.Y/L/N?” Professor Slughorn said.

You gave him the answer, smiling.

He nodded, grinning proudly. “10 points to Y/H.”

You beamed as Remus shot you a glare. The two of you had been… intellectual enemies since the very first day. Everybody in the whole school knew that the two of you absolutely hated each other.

“Now we will split you up into partnerships.” Professor Slughorn announced.

The class immediately started whispering amongst themselves, already choosing their partners.

“Forgive me, I meant I will split you up into partnerships.” He chuckled. Several groans were heard.

As Professor Slughorn split students up, you sneaked a quick glance at the brown haired boy. You watched as he furiously scribbled down something on his parchment, James looking over his shoulder and copying.

“Mr.Lupin and Ms.Y/L/N.”

The two of you looked up at each other, eyes widened.

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