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It took three tries for neil to find his voice. “You never said anything.”

“Why should I have?” Andrew lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “Nothing will come of it.”

“Nothing,” Neil echoed.

“I am self-destructive, not stupid,” Andrew said. “I know better.”

There was nothing Neil could say except, “Okay,” but he didn’t sound okay and he didn’t feel okay. What was Neil supposed to do with a truth like this?

concept: when reggie is being an asshole and is saying that archie and jughead killed jason together and they deny it, he goes on to say that they’re probably fucking each other too.

jughead and archie look at each other and burst out laughing (like they used to) because “jughead? fucking someone?” and they remember when he first came out as ace to archie. all is well in that moment.

Andrew Minyard is gay and would not be with Neil if Neil was a trans girl, for all of you who are writing a trans!Neil or fem!Neil fic. I get it. Andreil is wonderful. But Andrew’s attraction just wouldn’t translate into that alternate universe. It’s not something that would happen.

testing out a new brush so i was like mm okay gonna draw gf’s otp why not

edit: fixed neil a bit to be more canon!

anonymous asked:

dropping by to thank you for ruining (giving new meaning to) my life with the piper verse. was just watching the shadowhunters finale and somehow (as one does, always, at any giving moment) was thinking about andreil and i kind of fancast madzie as piper? so my question is who is your favoritt fancast of neil and andrew and now ofc piper.

  1. i love you
  2. Madzie is ADORABLE, and she is a 100% acceptable fancast for Piper!
  3. my brain is weird, and it likes to combine different people in my head to make up a character. SO. here are my Andrew/Neil/Piper fancasts!
  • Andrew for me is mainly Paul Craddock

but with a wee bit of Nariman Malanov.

and when I’m feeling a little edgy, there’s some Dominic Sherwood thrown in there, as well.

  • for Neil, i am definitely in the group that loves Jake Cooper

but also, i really like Simone Nobili. 

  • for Piper, i didn’t really have a solid mental image until i found this picture of Willow Smith because OHMYGOD you know that any child of Andrew “high fashion” Minyard will have an impeccable wardrobe.

i don’t think i could find another image on this planet that fits my image of piper better than this one.