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Scenes from a wedding

That sweet photo we posted recently of Eddie Redmayne doing a reading at a wedding turns out to be from the 2013 nuptials of his close mate Jamie Dornan to Amelia Warner. The ceremony was at the Orchardleigh Estate in Somerset UK, not far from Babington House, where Eddie would marry Hannah Bagshawe the following year. And it was a reunion of sorts for a trio of struggling young British actors who once roomed together in Los Angeles while waiting for a big break — Andrew Garfield was also in attendance. A very happy almost-fourth anniversary to the Dornans. (Allister Freeman Photography)

Need more blogs to follow! (Specifically Sherlock)

I’ve been on Tumblr for months now and I need more blogs to follow. (My dash is kinda dead and lonely over here) I’m mainly looking for Sherlock related blogs but if you post the following reblog or like and i’ll check out your blog! :D

(EDIT 11/11/14 - THANK YOU! I now have went from 30 something blogs to about 83! I’m still open for more blogs to follow!)

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