andrew foreman

In the original Motoki revives Usagi with a can of (juice? soda?) and then asks about why she hasn’t been eating. (“Did your mom refuse to feed you because you got a bad great? LOL Usagi, you are so god damn stupid!”) He then says she could stand to gain a few pounds because curvy girls are more attractive than skinny girls.

In the dub, Andrew tells Serena that now he knows he wants to be a doctor. He also tells Serena that she doesn’t need to diet because she’s fine the way she is and, in fact, he’s going to take her out to lunch.

So while Motoki is kind of a jerk who polices Usagi’s body by telling her to gain weight (because girls are all both too skinny and too fat, there’s no winning for them), Andrew is genuinely supportive of her by telling her she’s fine AS SHE IS - AND we learn that he wants to be a doctor, which is a really cool addition to his character.