andrew finch

  • Me: *takes a breath*
  • Everyone in a 5 mile radius of me: We get it, newsies is released in 10 days, you're so excited that newsies is being released, you're going to cry on may 23rd,yOU LOVE NEWSIES AND ITS BEING RELEASED IN 10 DAYS

In 1953 Vivien Leigh, aged 40, got the lead part in “Elephant Walk”. The entire cast and crew went to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to film on location. She was playing a young British bride brought to a big mansion in India by her new millionaire husband (Peter Finch), owner of a tea plantation. who neglected his wife. In turn, she became more and more attached to his husband’s friend, played by Dana Andrews. The production had a big budget. But on location, things soon got out of hand: Vivien Leigh had a terrible break down! When it became clear that she would be unable to complete the filming, Paramount Studios decided to replace her with…Elizabeth Taylor (aged 21 at the time).

My name is-

Peripheral highway moon as seen from the rear view
The centre of the heart of the Monday morning
An imposter, the wolf in wolves clothing
Curblicker, the IV
William Greyson the cleric in white
Outback sky in afternoon delight
The red eyed midnight ghost
Suburban girl on evergreen lawn
Blue mountain / white veranda
Loose shackled chains in the cave
Sinead O Conner’s Venus mound
Brown potato mash and pot belly stew
The holy mountain topplin’ Fool
Cherry blossom in Kyoto
Walt Disneys heir loom
Smoke in the air and grit in the teeth

Piss in the wind at the
focal point of Shit Creek.